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Highs, Lows, and Heavenly Blows

That title is just … wow. Ok. Highs, Lows And Heavenly Blows (hi mum) originally dropped in 1994 and now gets a reissue via Medical Records (Pram, Martin Jenkins). The main protagonist in Spectrum is ex-Spacemen 3 member Sonic Boom...view item »

Spacemen 3
For All The Fucked-up Children Of This World We Give You Spacemen 3

Before going on to forming Spiritualized, Jason Pierce worked with Peter Kember (Sonic Boom/Spectrum) as Spacemen 3. Here we have a the first reissue since it’s original release in 1995. This album is of the first recording session they di...view item »

And Nothing Hurt

The new Spiritualized album really is just the work of one man, Jason Pierce, who wrote and recorded the album on a laptop in a small room in his east London home. Yet Pierce is so meticulous that he found a way of making the record sound like a studio session, and only things bigger than he could get up his stairwell were recor...view item »

Spacemen 3
Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To

Originally released as a bootleg, the recordings here known as Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To are demo recordings from 1986, and they capture the nascent Spacemen 3 well on their way to becoming the psychedelic behemoths they ultimately were. This reissue, for CD and double LP, features remastered audio and...view item »

Spacemen 3

Dreamweapon by Spacemen 3 documents the time they played live in the foyer of Watermans Art Centre in Brentford at a screening of the Wim Wenders film Wings of Desire. The audience didn’t care for it too much but the 45 minute set of droning guitars will sure please fans of the band. This reissue includes outtakes from 198...view item »

Spacemen 3
Take Me To The Other Side

This is a great reissue of an incredible single by one of the best British psych rock bands ever. The first track is the incredible "Take Me to The Other Side" which is a master class in psych rock.The second track is "Soul 1" which shows how they can do many different types of songs. The last track on the single is "That's Just ...view item »

Spacemen 3 / Sun Araw
That's Just Fine / I'm Gonna Cross The River Of Jordan

I’m not certain anybody needs to review this because a Spacemen 3/Sun Araw split 7” on Great Pop Supplement is reall...view item »

Spacemen 3
Live at The New Morning, Geneva, Switzerland, 18.05.1989

A bootleg of this show has been floating around for a while but this is the first time that this particular Spacemen 3 performance has had any kind of official release, albeit in slightly truncated form. Sonic Boom concedes in his sleeve notes that "the set presented here, is as it was...except the show was twi...view item »

Experimental Audio Research
All Things Being Equal

I'm finally putting this interminable week to sleep with this gorgeous one-sided 12" of cosmic synth bliss from Experimental Audio Research, aka Pete "Sonic Boom" Kember.   On one side there's music and on the other it's a picture di...view item »

Spacemen 3
Translucent Flashbacks (The Glass Singles)

Reissue of Spacemen 3's first three singles, on Fire Records. For your money you get three 180g vinyl 12"s - individually packaged, bundled into a wide spine outer, and with download codes for all three. ...view item »

Spacemen 3/Wooden Shjips
Big City/I Believe It

Spacemen 3 have just a split 7" with Wooden Shjips! It has one of the best sleeves i've seen for ages and the song's not bad either, it's a meandering sort of affair with an 80s shoegazer feel and otherworldly vocals, it really grows on you, much like an unwanted fungal infection...but waaay more pleasant. It should appeal to stone...view item »

Spacemen 3
The Perfect Prescription

Reissue of Spacemen 3's second album, which was a wide eyed clash of droning guitar fuzz, psychedelic avant-garage propulsion and heady atmosphere. The line up shift had given rise to an evolved sound, allowing for more space to breathe, casting those shimmering tremolos further out into the stratosphere....view item »

Spacemen 3

Spacemen 3's first live album, reissued here by Fire Records. A good document of the noisier side of Spacemen 3, this was recorded in Februrary 1988 in Amsterdam on the 'Perfect Prescription' tour. Now reissued on 180g orange vinyl and on CD with new packaging.  ...view item »

Spacemen 3

Okay, is this the worst Spacemen 3 album? Probably. Is it still worth hearing? I'd say so. The album is divided between two clear sides: first half of the album is handled by Sonic Boom while the latter half is done by J Spaceman of ...view item »

Spacemen 3
DJ Tones

It's nice to see Spacemen 3 records still doing the rounds. I remember buying Playing With Fire when it came out and shaking myself around the room to it unattractively on a regular basis. Ah them were the days. The shaking has got worse but I still get a kick from listening to Spacemen 3. The Great Pop Supplement have done a lovely job of reissuin...view item »

Spacemen 3
Playing With Fire

The Rugby psychedelicists’ third album, released in 1989, takes their minimal sound to various extremes. Peter Kember aka Sonic Boom provides the harsh fuzz of single Revolution and the blissed-out pulsations of How Does It Feel?, and there are several examples of Jason Pierce’s prot...view item »