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It would be extremely incorrect to narrow Sonic Youth down to just their classics, but let's start there for now and see how it goes. Noise rock exists in part because Sister does; because Daydream Nation does; because EVOL does. Three more »

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Sonic Youth
Sonic Nurse

After 1995’s “Washing Machine” I thought that Sonic Youth went through a rather mediocre period and “Sonic Nurse”, released in 2004 marked a return to form, in my mind. Retrospective action made me reconsider 2002’s “Murray Street”, however. The album’s opener, “Pattern Recognit...view item »

Sonic Youth
NYC Ghosts & Flowers

Reissue of Sonic Youth’s 2000 album NYC Ghosts & Flowers. Scene leaders of no wave and noise rock in NY since beginning in 1981, they had all of their equipment nicked whilst on tour in 1999 so were forced to write without their usual modified guitars and effects. The results are quite profoun...view item »

Sonic Youth
Washing Machine

A return to in-print and on-vinyl status for a few Sonic Youth albums. 1995’s Washing Machine contains examples of the band in weirded 60’s girl-group mode (‘Little Trouble Girl’), as well as ‘The Diamond Sea’, the only 20+ minute, whole-side noise jams ever to make it to a ‘pro...view item »

Thurston Moore
Mx Liberty / Panik

Thurston seems to be unusually full of beans for an old no-waver on the verge of sixty, and all fired up on poetry and punk. This new single recalls early Sonic Youth with some almost metal riffing and early-Fall-like urgency. Lyrics are by London poet Radieux Radio. The b-side maintains a simil...view item »

Sonic Youth
Spinhead Sessions

Here is the sound of Sonic Youth when they were still a very young band (check out the group photo on the sleeve!), rehearsing in 1986. Spinhead Sessions has the band breaking away from the rock and post-punk parts of their early sound, instead pressing into semi...view item »

Sonic Youth
Murray Street

Sonic Youth..... You're pleased to have them around still but really they haven't done much worth any salt since Goo I reckon. So the CD was inserted with great fear in to the stereo...... and I actually think it's alright. It's quite poppy and tuneful for them and I think it's the best thing I've heard from 'em since Goo. Yowsers..........view item »

Sonic Youth
The Diamond Sea

The Diamond Sea is the majestic noise-rock centrepiece of Sonic Youth’s 1995 Washing Machine Album, one of the rare occasions the band went full-blown noise-sprawl on one of their ‘proper’ major-label albums. It is a beautiful piece though, with a lovely melodic song breaking down and stretchi...view item »

Sonic Youth With Mats Gustafsson and Merzbow
Andre Sider af Sonic Youth

I love Sonic Youth's SYR series because, with a couple of exceptions, they've all been self-indulgent toss. They get it all out of their systems then come along with a 'proper' new LP that walks up to every other band while they're busy doing bench presses, holds them down and pumps in their face. It's utilitarian noodling and I, for one, am very g...view item »

Sonic Youth Su Tim Barnes
Koncertas Stan Brakhage Prisiminimui

What now fellow magicians..... the new Sonic Youth SYR CD with Tim Barnes!! Apparently it's a live recording of a benefit concert held at and for The Anthology Film Archives. Like you're interested..... Avant garde twinkles, crackles, and noises which sound like they've been made with things which weren't originally intended for...view item »

Lee Ranaldo
Electric Trim

Ranaldo is often seen as second fiddle to Thurston Moore's sonic experimentation but is still loved by obsessive Sonic Youth fans around the world, 'Electric Trim' is the follow up to 2013's more song based 'Last Night On Earth' and is a collaboration with producer Raül ‘Refree&rsqu...view item »

Thurston Moore
Rock n Roll Consciousness

Thurston Moore has kept himself very busy since Sonic Youth disbanded in 2011, working with numerous small projects, playing with countless collaborators and running Ecstatic Peace. Rock n Roll Consciousness is his first properly distributed full length for a while, and flutters between avant-garde, no-...view item »

Sonic Youth
Daydream Nation

Is there a finer stamp of approval than your album appearing in a pre-millennium episode of the Simpsons? Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation, is one of the American indie underground’s epics, and was their last before signing to a major label (take from that what you will). LP box set comes with live versions, covers, and...view item »

Sonic Youth

Master-Dik is one an early piece of the Sonic Youth puzzle, an EP released the year before their Daydream Nation. As well as the title track, this collection includes a scrappy series of short tracks that span beatboxing, sound collage, and ...view item »

Sun City Girls, Sonic Youth, Various
Not The Spaces You Know, But Between Them

Magnificent looking 12" box set featuring Bardo Pond, Comets on Fire, Eternal Tapestry, D Charles Speer and The Helix, Steve Gunn, Sonic Youth, Sun City Girls, Wooden Wand containing 4 slabs of vinyl, prints, an essay and e...view item »

Sonic Youth

Instead of taking songs and crafting them into noise-rock assaults or chiming meditative love songs, Sonic Youth decided to take their time and slowly craft instrumental pieces. The result of this is the SYR (Sonic Youth Recordings) series, a departure but also a logical progression from the band's most recent works, Washing Machine and A Thousa...view item »

Sonic Youth
Smart Bar Chicago 1985

Sonic Youth, let’s face it, are a band we all love and a valued part of our modern lives, so how are we supposed to fill the yawning void left in our lives while they’re taking some time off to figure out their future? Well very thought...view item »

Various, Sonic Youth, Sunn 0))), Bonnie Prince Billy, Etc
Does Your Cat Know My Dog

Sunn 0)), Sonic Youth, Bonnie Prince Billy, a sleeve featuring Jad Fair's cut-out artwork, the fact that it starts of with shouting about sandwiches.. This Does Your Cat Know My Dog? compilation LP pretty much sells itself and we gather it's already in short supply elsewhere so interested parties had best look sharp. It's curated by the minds behin...view item »

Sonic Youth
Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising was only the second record for these presidents of noise rock, and saw a reverence for classic rock and all its idealism hit a brick wall of distortion an disdain. Sonic Youth made feedback the new pop music, and this record helped them on their way to that very reasoned idea: this is...view item »

Sonic Youth
The Destroyed Room: B-Sides and Rarities

Well, this is one cool album of 11 b-sides and rarities, most of which are instrumental. This record will challenge you straight out of the box with the 10-plus minute "Fire Engine Dream", which manages to sound exactly like what the title suggests. Oh, and the track-by-track notes are entertaining, too. When I found out that 'Destroyed Room' wa...view item »

Ciccone Youth
The Whitey Album

The Whitey Album by Ciccone Youth is an album that was recorded in 1988 by Sonic Youth with Mike Watt and Greg Ginn. The album features infamous cover versions of Madonna’s Into The Groove, known here as Into The Groovey and ...view item »

Sonic Youth
Simon Werner A Disparu

I'm liking this shit. I think it might be my favourite SYR release actually. I think I got a little bit bored with the 'solid, dependable and consistent' thing with The Eternal; I guess I felt like it was more of the same thing they've been doing since about the turn of the century only less inspired than the likes of Murray Street, Sonic Nurse ...view item »

Sonic Youth

Goofin’ records repress Sonic Youth’s art-rock masterwork Sister, and they’ve even included a download with the vinyl LP. On their fifth album the band’s dissonant no-wave drones are as heavy as ever, but they’re tied to sharper songwriting and thoughtful ...view item »

Sonic Youth

This is the Sonic Youth album I identify with most, originally released in 1992 when I was 18. I'd only heard "Goo" prior to this and loved it. "Dirty" was almost like a pop album in comparison. Opener "100%" was also the first single, despite the squalling feedback, Butch Vig's tight production made it very accessible. The same could be said of...view item »

Sonic Youth
A Thousand Leaves

Along with Washing Machine, A Thousand Leaves is a clear indication that Sonic Youth have transcended the barriers of punk, noise, avant-garde, etc. and have become coincident with the core of modern music and modern lyric poetry across all genres and forms. A Thousand Leaves, sporting long, autumnal, melodic meditations like Hits of Sunshine an...view item »

Thurston Moore
Psychic Hearts

Away from Sonic Youth, Thurston has done some super avant-garde, weird stuff and also some fine pop stuff in this. These are very good 'stick in your head for days' songs, particularly those on the first half of the album. Some of the others are slow and lazy, maybe because they're more personal stuff, the title track and "Queen Bee" have some of h...view item »

Sonic Youth
Sonic Youth

The addition of the superb live material makes this one of Sonic Youth's best albums. The musicality is more accessible than with Confusion and Bad Moon Rising but it's still Sonic Youth and it captures their Branca influence strongly. I would rate this alongside Evol, Sister, the Whitey Album, Goo and Sonic Nurse as the very best albums capturi...view item »

Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth’s Evol is their third album from 1986 and as the title may hint towards, Evol is the album which sees Sonic Youth evolve into a rockier sound which always reminds me a bit of The Doors, as the sound swells from crashing guitar into murky drums effortlessly. Available on...view item »

Sonic Youth, Stereolab, Dead C, Boredoms, Various
Sonic Youth Presents All Tomorrows Parties 1.1

All Tomorrow's Parties hits America this year and to celebrate it there's a lovely new CD called 1.1...... (vinyl to follow) with tracks on by Sonic Youth, Bardo Pond, Unwound, Cat Power, Stereolab, Stephen Malkmus, Papa M, Cannibal Ox, Dead C, Boredoms, Kevin Drumm and Masami Akita with ...view item »

Sonic Youth
Confusion is Sex

Your favourite uncle of noise rock, ok, maybe more like wisen parents, Sonic Youth’s 1983 album Confusion Is Sex is a dark backwards step into their more primitive state. Noisy, disjointed and clanky as hell. Guitars being destroyed for your listening pleasure. Repressed by Goofin’, good work guys. Yes. Just...view item »

Various (Electrelane, Sonic Youth, Explosions in the Sky, Times New Viking etc. etc.)
The Art of Touring

Sonic Youth
Silver Session

Granted, this isn't actually music. But the sound etched onto this CD is a glorious one, like stars conversing to each other across space. It sounds reverent, glistening, and multidimensionally spacious. And all it is is guitar feedback and amp noise. This is the only musical sounds I can actually fall asleep to; actual music keeps my attention ...view item »

Sonic Youth / Jim O'Rourke
Invito Al Ĉielo

Invito Al Cielo By Sonic Youth and Jim O’Rourke is the third in a series of experimental albums by Sonic Youth released on their own SYR label. It was also the first time that the legendary New Yorkers would collaborate with O’Rourke. O’Rourke subsequently joined ...view item »

Sonic Youth
Experimental Jet Set, Trash & No Star

1994’s Experimental Jet Set, Trash & No Star was kind of an unexpected beast from and for Sonic Youth. Showing the world they were more than capable of making songs that weren’t entirely reliant on discordant noise, but featuring an almost delicate side with a majority of the songs having clean guitar to...view item »

Sonic Youth
Helen Lundeburg/ Eyeliner

t's great Sonic Youth are still around. I've missed out on their recent output and am still wrapped in the delights of Evol & Sister which are yet to be bettered (in my opinion!)..... However when the distro called us up and said there's a limited Sonic Youth 7" of which there's only 500 and the tracks aren't on anythi...view item »

Sonic Youth
Rather Ripped

Well I feel honoured to be able to review a new CD by some true masters of discordant alt rock. Yes, der yoof are back with their 1st album proper since 'Murray Street' and from the opener I'm hooked. Not quite the return to the psychotically twisted days of yore, rather a free & easy slanted & enchanted pop treat. Reme...view item »

Sonic Youth, Deerhoof, Daniel Johnston, Various
All Tomorrows Parties 3.1 Curated By Matt Groening

I didn't know Matt Groening curated ATP? I didn't even know they had them in America! Lordy me.... I hope my top loading VCR and Farrar slacks don't go out of fashion. A microwave you say? What's one of those...... You mean it's not someone with small hands waving very slightly? He's always been a bit of a hero of mine just cos ...view item »

Sonic Youth
The Destroyed Room

I'm SOOOOOOOOOooooooooo off to see SONIC YOUTH play this weekend. As a little pre-show taster I have their new B-sides and rarities collection 'The Destroyed Room' I'm playing this for the second time and as I find with a lot of their tracks they just work their way into your brain slowly until you become hooked. If you're reading this...view item »

Sonic Youth
Sonic Youth

Once again available on CD, with bonus live tracks and studio outtake "Where The Red Fern Grows". The self-titled 1982 debut from Sonic Youth witnesses the legendary NYC noiseniks in embryonic form, more sparse than later manifestations and occasionally bearing a resemblance to the dubby, bass-heavy post-punk of Public I...view item »

Sonic Youth
The Eternal

I am champion of the staff Sonic Youth prize draw! Master of all things chance based! It is I who hath received a free copy of the yoof's 'The Eternal' on a sexy slab of heavy weight vinyl!!! It is I who hath received the bonus Sonic Youth Live L.P and Dennis Tyfus illustrated poster you get if you were savvy enough to pre-order the L.P!!! It is I ...view item »

Thurston Moore & Tom Surgal
Not Me

Erstwhile guitar-noise practitioner and former Sonic Youth guy Thurston Moore teams up with Tom Surgal and his drum kit for this 1996 free-improv session. The two duck and weave around each other, generating sizzling electro-crackle atmospheres for all the family. This reissue of Not Me ...view item »

Sonic Youth/ Laughing Hyenas/ Gumball/ These Immortal Souls

Sonic Youth
Goodbye 20th Century

I have have listened to most of Sonic Youth's albums over the years, and this one is presently my favourite. Featuring music composed by the likes of John Cage and Takehisa Kosugi as well as Yoko Ono and Steve Reich, the long tracks massage and spark. Unlike the usually in-your-face brashness that makes sonic youth sonic youth, this album featur...view item »

Sonic Youth
J’Accuse Ted Hughes

A new Sonic Youth LP has just arrived.... Ooooh an epic drone track 'J'Accuse Ted Hughes' recorded live at ATP with vox from Kim Gordon sounding like she's eating a big bag of chips while "singing". I think this is alright actually and we're just discussing how sexy Kim Gordon is. Phil disagres with me and says that Helen Mirren...view item »

Sonic Youth
Daydream Nation- Deluxe Edition

Geffen have gone and released a an exciting double CD deluxe edition of Sonic Youth uber classic 'Daydream Nation' You get the original album plus loads of live versions, covers and demos and it's in a special double foldout package type thing....view item »

Bloc Party, Sonic Youth, Various
Rough Trade Counter Culture 2004

Finally from me there's a new Rough Trade compilation which purports to be the 'Best of 2004'. Its a good starting place for the busy or lazy and there's tracks from Magoo, Cocorosie, Animal Collective, Sons and Daughters, Mu, Willy Mason etc etc etc etc etc over a double CD with nice inlay. ...view item »

Sonic Youth/ Yamatsuka Eye (Boredoms)
TV Shit

Do you want screwed up? Here the best songs are the ones that feel like they are about to go very wrong, sounding noisy and out of control yet still inferring the amazing talent and restraint of these artists. Sometimes, though, it can be invigorating when they 'go all out'. This is the sound of that plunge. I don't know if Sonic Youth have ever...view item »

Sonic Youth

A return to in-print and on-vinyl status for a few Sonic Youth albums. 1990’s Goo was considered to be their most accessible album to date: it does after all contain the popular tunes ‘Dirty Boots’ and ‘Kool Thing’, virtually pop hits for Sonic Youth. LP reissue on Universa...view item »

Sonic Youth

"100%" was the first single to be taken from Sonic Youth's 1992 Classic "Dirty". It was released prior to the album and got the 17/18 year old me quite excited. The lead track was the kind of tight pop song that Sonic Youth had never done before, it was almost conventional, but there was the squealing and squalling guitars threading around each ...view item »