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Snow Patrol

Gary, Nathan, Paul, Johnny, and Jonny return at last with Wildness. Quite a few years in the making, not least as it was scrapped and begun again from scratch midway in, the album reliably packs enough crestfallen indie plodcore to soundtrack an entire season of Grey’s Anatomy. The discerning fan may pick from black vinyl...view item »

Snow Patrol
Take Back The City

Snow Patrol have confused us all by recruiting an American singer who sounds a bit like Dave Grohl and rocking out a revolutionary anthem called 'Take Back the City'. If this won't get all of us apathetic losers off out of our armchairs and out protesting in the streets nothing will.. Unfortunately for these jokers we'll probably be holding signs s...view item »

Snow Patrol/ Stone Lions
Wow/ Transition

SNOW PATROL are bad enough on their own but they've been remixed and cocked about with by Stone Lions or something and it's the worse dance remix you can imagine. Music like this shouldn't happen. You can't remix bands like Coldplay and Snow Patrol. It is an accident waiting to happen.... like making toast in th...view item »

Snow Patrol
Fallen Empires

Some hits, some misses. Good songs, but gets a bit same-y after awhile. It's also a little over-produced for my taste. I think that's the culprit in their sound, actually. Trying to make these songs fit a previously successful form and feel. The result is that even though there are plenty of good hooks here, it breaks ZERO new ground. I guess fa...view item »

Snow Patrol
A Hundred Million Suns

‘A Hundred Million Suns’ is the incredible new album from one of the biggest bands in the UK – Snow PatrolThe album was recorded through Summer 2008 in Hansa Studios in Berlin (where Bowie recorded ‘Low’, ‘Heroes’ & ‘Lodger’) and at Grouse Lodge deep in the Irish countryside. ...view item »

Snow Patrol
Spitting Games

Snow Patrol signed to a big label. One called Polydor in fact and after their album (which I thought was quality polished indie as good as anyone elses) we have their new single in called Spitting games. Yep something all young boys do....hang over bridges and gob on cars. It's charming I know..... This is ...view item »

Ultrasound, T. Donnely, Snow Patrol, Various
Intercity Crawl