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It's weird to think Slint were little babies when they made Spiderland. A band formed in their wee teens, it'd be fair to say the band wore heads on their shoulders, nascent experimentalists who wanted to dissect rock music and see what was more »

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Spiderland by Slint is post-rock ground zero. It was the band’s second and final album, but it’s THE ONE when it comes to defining a sub-genre. The band featured Brian McMahan who went on to play with Will Oldham and then form The For Carnation, and David Pajo who has done many good things since such as Ariel M, Papa M as well as being in Tortoise for a bit. He was also a member of Billy Corgan’s Zwan. If you buy this on CD, be prepared to be told off. It clearly states on the back that this is meant to be listened to on vinyl. However, both are available.

Spiderland (Remastered)

2014 remaster of Slint's beautiful second and final album. It comes with various outtakes and demos, as well as Breadcrumb Trail, the documentary about the album’s creation directed by Lance Bangs. The band's use of dynamics gave them an uncanny ability to bottle emotions; the words "he decided to piss", have never sounded so tragic.
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Papa M
Highway Songs

Suprise! David Pajo (who became known from his time in Slint) releases a new solo album under his Papa M alias, the first for absolutely ages. Nine tracks of American sound that we predict, on the basis of the single ‘Walking On Coronado’, to be excellent. LP / CD / cassette tape editions available on Drag City.


Slint’s chronology is weird. Tweez, their first LP, was actually recorded after the music that would make up their final release, 1994’s untitled EP. As such it’s up for debate whether this record counts as the band’s first statement, but what’s beyond dispute is that this sure set the group up well for the seminal Spiderland that followed two years later. Originally issued in 1989, Tweez has now been re-pressed via Touch & Go. Honk if you're post-hardcoreny.

Glenn / Rhoda (untitled)

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