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Werecats Powers Of The Crossroads At Midnight

Skullflower take many shapes, be it gruelling noise rock or their own (slightly more tasteful) take on power electronics. The frostbitten harsh noise of Draconis injected new life into their sound, and they continue to do weird things on this here record Werecats Powers of the Crossroads at Midni...view item »

The Paris Working

We managed to score some copies of this tour only, self-released limited CDr which is basically a full live recording of the entirety of the show at Instants Chavires, Paris from back in April 2009. The line up was Lee Stokoe, Matthew Bower (of course), Samantha Davies and Stuart Dennison. It captures the raw intensity and harmonic noise b...view item »

Kino I: Birthdeath

The Kino series: in which a multitude of early Skullflower releases, long thought lost to the ages, are brought thrillingly back into print. The first release, Birthdeath, allows you to go back to the very start, presenting the first Skullflower EP from 1987 alongside six never-before-released ...view item »

Kino III: Xaman

Third part of the Kino series, which brings back into print a whole host of early Skullflower material. This one is Xaman, a long lusted-after piece of the Skullflower puzzle, containing all the crushing blackened hallmarks of their early sound. Remastered, and lushly packaged with new artwork ...view item »

Voltigeurs / Black Sunroof / Skullflower

Matt Bower (together with his erstwhile companion Samantha Davis) makes so much music under so many different project names that we are now in the somewhat absurd situation: essentially, this is a three-way split with himself. All the tracks are slightly different kinds of crushing psychedelic noise-heavy, natur...view item »

Kino II: Form Destroyer

The Kino series: in which a wave of early Skullflower releases, a very long way out of print, are brought thrillingly back into availability. Part 2, Form Destroyer, contains the first album, remastered so that your heavy murk sounds nice and clear, and the Ruins release from around the same time, plus...view item »

Kino IV: Black Sun Rising

Fourth part of the Kino series, which returns to actual availability a healthy chunk of early Skullflower. Number four, Black Sun Rising, tidily packages up three long-lost seven inches and a further six unheard tracks from various sessions in the late 80s. Nice new artwork too, courtesy of Matthew Bower....view item »

The Black Iron That Fell From The Sky, To Dwell Within (Bear It or Be It)

Skullflower return with the evocatively titled vinyl LP The Black Iron That Fell From The Sky, To Dwell Within (Bear It or Be It). Since the 1980s Matthew Bower and assorted collaborators have been making pitch-black drone, noise, industrial and metal hybrids that defy classification. With this release on Nashazphone t...view item »

The Spirals Of Great Harm

‘Nectar and Venom’ for dinner again? My favourite. This nice fold-out Digipak shows the harsh noise duo at their most obtuse and confrontational. Melodies and textures bubble under a surface of distortion in a manner that recalls the more into-the-abyss ends of Hospital Productions or Posh Isol...view item »

Skullflower / Utarm

I’ve no idea who’s playing in this incarnation of Skullflower. I’ll hazard a guess at Matthew Bower (obviously), Lee Stokoe and Samantha Davies. Skullflower get things going with ‘Beneath its Shady Lash a Sudden Lightning Hid’ and they...view item »


Matthew Bower has been evil for a minute or two, traceable in the lineage of British noise and power electronics as a shadowy figure with a guitar, lots of pedals and a dedication to changing minds and shattering ears. His Skullflower project has concentrated more on the industrial side of things, while retaining a natural beauty you won't ...view item »

Black Sun Roof

Here’s the long-awaited new album from Matt “Skullflower” Bower’s Sunroof!, or Black Sun Roof as they/he are/is calling them/himselves/self this time round, and it comes with a bonus 12-song CD from Bower (well it’s marked “MB&rdquo...view item »

Pure Imperial Reform

I'm chuffed to land another Skullflower album to rinse my head into the new year. Matt Bower seems to have been particularly prolific over the last 18 months or so what with the brilliant 'Taste The Blood Of The Deceiver' LP, The apocalyptic menace of 'Desire For A Holy War' and now 'Pure Imperial Reform'. Like the previous record Bower is joined b...view item »

Skullflower/ Mastery

Have I enough room on the shelf for another Skullflower record? YES! Always. Anyone that attended the recent Skullflower show in Leeds perhaps won’t be surprised to hear Bower and company working in a more restrained and somber meditative/ ritual mode. Bower’s guitar...view item »

Fucked On A Pile Of Corpses

Lets get straight to the facts here. I fucking adore Skullflower, I really do. When a new album drops I'm like an excitable child and this occasion is no different. Here the revolving door of West Yorkshire's finest is four strong with Matthew Bower, Lee Stokoe, George Proctor and S...view item »

Skullflower/ White medal
Great Hunter/ On't Borough

Skullflower is one noisy bugger. His appearances on the vinyl format are very rare these days, to say the least, so we must rejoice the union of himself & White Medal sharing a split 7" on the ever stubborn Turgid Animal of West Yorkshire. His style is always effective, a kind of yearning, viscous gothic industrial strength fuzz, pitched a...view item »

Desire For A Holy War

I listened to the latest Skullflower crusher 'Desire For A Holy War' CD on the way into work this morning. Man did that wake me up. What we have here is Matthew Bower pushing his strings to the limit for a monolithic album that's like the soundtrack to the apocalypse itself. I imagine a hall of mirrors in a dense fog being shattered by the wall of ...view item »

This Is Skullflower

VHF have reissued this disc from Matt Bower's long running Skullflower project. This particular incarnation features Bower on guitar and piano (!), Stuart Dennison on drums and viola, Russell Smith plays guitar, John Godbert plays piano and hand drum, also Richard Youngs is on guitar. This is very far removed from the current black metal influ...view item »

Strange Keys To Untune Gods Firmament

What can I say about Skullflower that I've not said before??? I think this is the fifth Skullflower release I've written about… And so Matthew Bower's demonic, possessed, black metal machine music gets the 2CD treatment on Neurot in the form of 'Strange Keys To Untune God's Firmament'. If there were a soundtrack to the opening of the very ga...view item »


Time for some proper guitar music eh! Some pure evil sounding dark occult type shit... Oh yeah it's a new CD called 'Malediction' from Skullflower and it's a bit of a stonker from the off. For this incarnation Matthew Bower is joined by Lee Stokoe on guitar, Samantha Davies on cello, percussion and cymbal,and Stuart Dennison on percussion and vo...view item »

Taste The Blood of The Deceiver

YEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS! Behold the arrival of some Skullflower vinyl! 'Taste The Blood Of The Deciever' is the first vinyl outing for Skullflower since the 90's or something. Not Not Fun are the crew responsible for this ear shredding sonic assault fr...view item »

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