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Repercussions Of A Razor Blade

Dubstep and disco producer Skream brings forth a new 12", 'Repercussions Of A Razor Blade' courtesy of Swamp 81. For the record's sophomore release, he goes to a dark, dreary place, shrinking into minimalist sounds and showing off a surprising drone influence, complemented with some sneering snare work. ...view item »

i / Monsoon (Loefah Remixes)

Dubstep heavy weights Skream and Loefah collide for the mighty 'I' and 'Monsoon' remixes. These two producers can seemingly do no wrong at the moment and its clear to see why they have attracted such a cult following. 'Monsoon' begins with gorgeous ancient oriental strings then kicks in with a shifting bassline ...view item »

Outside the Box

So this job's obviously been set up as dubstep OG Ollie Jones' crack at the big time what with the deluxe packaging (hey, it's called 'Outside the Box' and it comes - in a box!), La Roux dropping by for a brief appearance and the general 'crossover appeal' vibe which permeates the whole thing. I guess his sound wasn't particularly known for its ...view item »

Skreamizm Vol: 4

Just not got the Skreamizm Volume 4 12" double pack by Skream in time to review it so i'm gonna do a psychic evaluation of it's contents. Kerang kaboing kerang kaboing kerang kaboing kerang kaboing pause hi hat fluuuurt kerang kaboing woooooooooooooooooooooooobble karang kaboing wooooooooooooooobble abdominal tension wooooooooooooooooooooooobb...view item »

Various (Vex'd, Joker, 2562, Skream etc.)
Dark Matter: Multiverse 2004-2009

We only noticed something new was seriously happening on the electronic landscape when these 12"s starting creeping in around 2004, the more "IDM" and crunchy electro sounds being replaced by harder, more whipcracking breakbeats, and infused with bowel worrying bass. Tough club tunes that carried the dystopian sternness of the Rephlex endors...view item »

Tapped / Dutch Flowerz

Like to split my reviews up when it's all looking like a big splurge of indie. A new 12" by bassbin rogering dubstep master SKREAM is here. 'Tapped' is an atmospheric half step bouncer with a morphing , vibrant mood & a dizzying prog synth line underpinned with playful, sympathetic bass (I.E. it's not gonna disembowel you at 40 ...view item »

Sub Island

Skream: 'Sub Island' (Soul Jazz) A rootsier if hyper slice of engineering than his sometimes techy efforts elsewhere, i.e. more percussive and heavier on the claps. More Jamaica than Detroit. The flip is more up-tempo steppas style. Both sides are crisp especially if heard over the right sort of system for the subs of course. Limited edition taken ...view item »

Pinch, Skream, TRG, Various
Tempa Allstars Volume 5

Tempa Allstars Vol. 5 is in, kicking off with a very tidy tune from some chap called Seven, who no doubt wears hoodies and baseball caps while pulling hard faces.. 'Siren' definitely seems like a sign of good things to come! TRG and Luke.Envoy have contributed a couple of quite accessible dancefloor-friendly efforts but I'm particularly impressed b...view item »

Skreamizm Vol. 5

Originally I gave this a bit of a slating but I will say in my defence that I had to write about it in difficult circumstances for dubstep to live. For one thing, I never even made it to 'Fick', the standout track, a huge technoid banger in that style he can do so well (think 'Percression' from the last Tectonic 12" he did).  Calling ...view item »

Hedd Banger/ Percression

Skream serves up some Missy Elliott sampling dubstep biz here on Tectonic, with 'Supa Dupa Fly' popping up on the A-side of his 'Hedd Banger' and 'Percression' 12". That one's a sluggy sloth of a tune, with the emphasis heavily on the 'dub' whereas the other side goes with the 'step'. 'Techno step' that is! "Go and sit on the techno ...view item »

Skreamizm Vol 2

Skreamizm Volume 2 is in and it sounds like part 2 of Skreamizim on first listening. Big wobbly basslines, slow dark beats with an evil vibe.... hey you know about Skream now don't you him being one of the dark lords of drubstep..... Lovely... ...view item »

Skreamizm Volume 3

Dubstep wonderkid Skream unleashes his third installment in the Skreamizm series on Tempa. You know what to expect here. Crisp percussion and serious bottom end all fully tweaked for maximum soundsystem damage. 'Chest Boxing' I suspect would kill it in a club. Nasty. ...view item »

Hijak & Skream
Retro/ Wake Up

Hijack & Skream: 'Retro' (Cultured) This duo kickstarts the debut release on this newly birthed imprint. This is a sort of a hybrid between the skipping, trebly hi end of UK Garage crossed with the bass, kick and snare combo familiar to lovers of Dubstep and Jungle / Drum 'N'Bass. The keyboard lines are like those favoured by purveyor...view item »

Digital Mystikz, Skream, ESG, Various
Soul Jazz Records Singles: 2006-2007

V/A: 'Soul Jazz Records Singles 2006-2007' Monster compilation from London's finest curators of all things, Reggae, Latin, Dancehall, Dub, Dubstep, Jungle, Funk, Hip-Hop, Soul and erm...Jazz. A three CD set that totals 46 tracks, if you count all those doubled up in the mix part of this set. Highlights include Digital Mystics 'Misty Winter', Ladybu...view item »

Loefah & Skream

It's grime time now. Reckon it would better if it was crime time cos then I could go out and purp some crimes and see if I get my assed whooped by captain blue and his uniformed warlords. God I talk shite don't I.... New 12" by Skream and Loefah who are kings (maybe princes...) of the grime scene. It's courtesy of Tectonic...view item »

Skream, Digital Mystikz, Distance, Loefah, Various
Tectonic Plates


That SKREAM fellow has been busy of late, spearheading the rapidly growing dubstep scene, providing some subtle future classics of the genre. I have to be honest & admit I probably only like about half his stuff although the occasional tune is in fact blinding beyond any doubt. However, I really don't know how this music s...view item »

Skream/ Distance
Bahl Frwd/ Temptation

Life is sweet, as is this split 10" on Tectonic from dubstep heavy weights Skream and Distance. Skream's offering 'Bahl Fwd' has the most fabulous rolling tablas and signature bowel emptying sub-bass. The bleepy eastern sounding synth melody could be Sweet Exorcist playing a snake charmer. Not the be...view item »

Digital Mystikz, Skream, Various
The Roots of Dubstep

AMMUNITION and BLACKDOWN have compiled a nifty little compilation documenting the evolution of the Dubstep genre. 'The Roots Of Dubstep' is a 14 track CD that follows the sound from it's beginnings in the UK Garage scene through to the current darker more spiritual heavy dub sound. With some rare tracks and a ...view item »

Skreamizm Vol 1

I've been waiting all week for Volume 1 of Skreamizm by Skream to drop on Tempa and its fresh out the box. What you get is 2 plates with 6 cuts for maximum bass pressure and serious eardrum damage. I saw this guy playing this weekend with Digital Mystikz and Kode 9 - It was very special. Heavy dubbed out dark and s...view item »

Skream. Digital Mystikz Various
Dubstep Allstars Vol 4

How do you review a double mix CD of top notch dubstep? I'd be tempted to shoehorn "rinsing" into this paragraph about 10 times. As it happens I'm just gonna state that DJs YOUNGSTA & HATCHA (taking on a CD each) provide some sublime moments of zinging head music ranging from some downtempo head nodders infected ...view item »

Skream, Digital Mystikz, Various
Dubstep Allstars Vol 3