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Monopoly Child Star Searchers
Make Mine, Macaw

Moniker-surfing bird aficionado Spencer Clark’s Make Mine, Macaw (released under the Monopoly Child Star Searchers name) is an odd fellow. Very lo-fi and steeped in the exotic imagery of the titular parrot and its eerie layers of flute and samples, it comes out sounding rather like a mix of ...view item »

Typhonian Highlife
The World of Shells

Spencer Clark puts his The Skaters and Tarzana collabs on hold to revisit his Typhonian Highlife project to squanch some sounds from the 'World of Shells', using synth-drenched ambient tools to conjure up images of beaches, palm trees, sunbathers and donkeys, all made from shell...view item »

Spencer Clark
The Stimulated Australia

Former half of The Skaters, alongside James Ferraro - Spencer Clark (Fourth World Magazine, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Vodka Soap, Black Joker etc.) appears to have taken cassette-captured field recordings of Australia and transmuted them into the kind of new-agey digital ambience ...view item »

Dispersed Royalty Ornaments

Time for some crazy shit me thinks... Look no further than the Skaters with 'Dispersed Royalty Ornaments' LP on Wabana. This is totally deranged drone and just plain monged out twisted darkness. Imagine slowing a Mouthus record down and then it becomes possessed by Beelzebub. My vocabulary doesn't contain words sufficient to describe the madness on...view item »

Physicalities Of The Sensibilities Of Ingrediental Stairways

Total mind bending weird out there shit from quite possibly the most strange sounding "band" on planet earth. Unique and essential!...view item »