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Basic Channel
Phylyps Trak II

Minimal/dub techno pioneers Basic Channel re-press their 1994 classic Phylyps Trak II. Split across two sides of wax, this one is a mighty fusion of hard techno beats, thick bass and Ostgut synth textures. It’s also just as good if you spin it at either 45 or 33 - the slower one is the sort of deep meditation that has influenced countless artists down the years.

Rhythm & Sound w/ Tikiman
Music A Fe Rule

Under the name Rhythm & Sound, Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus finally saw the opportunity to showcase and develop their love for reggae. For Music a Fe Rule, they combined their affinity with dub techno (as the legendary duo Basic Channel) with the laid-back patois of Tikiman, aka Paul St. Hilaire. Classic reissue, coming straight from 1997.

Rhythm & Sound

Arguably one of my favourite press releases: 'Trace 9:00, Imprint 16:24'. Completely lacking any information whilst simultaneously giving you all the  information you need. Track name and when it's on. Brilliant. Trace is the heavy electronic and ambient release from Rhythm & Sound that's available on vinyl 12" and released on Rhythm & Sound. 

Round One
I'm Your Brother

Here's a stone-cold classic for you. Round One's 'I'm Your Brother' is a legendary house cut which uplifts with its deep, Chicago house grooves. The single includes 3-tracks: the club version, an edit, and a remix. 

Rhythm & Sound

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  • Basic Channel

Rhythm & Sound

Rhythm & Sound’s hard-to-find dub techno smash hit (as far as dub techno has smash hits, of course) finally back on wax. One of eight releases by Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus, better known as Basic Channel, under the R&S moniker. Carrier is classic EP for anybody who loves dub techno, dub reggae, and/or tape hiss, and it still sounds fresh.

Basic Channel

This little 12" from mostly-defunct Berlin techno nexus Basic Channel reissues 3 tracks from the 1995 BCD compilation, previously only available on CD. Despite their age, these productions still sound relevant today, with wisps of static noise, dub techno chords and staccato sub bass forming a hazy mix.

Rhythm & Sound
The Versions

Repress of Rhythm & Sound’s (Basic Channel) 2003 release The Versions. Kings of dub techno Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus compiled the singles they did for Burial Mix, separating the vocals and leaving these instrumentals to do what they do best, wash over you with warm heady bass. LP on Burial Mix.

Basic Channel

A quarter-century on and still no-one has ever managed to match Basic Channel. The duo of Mark Ernestus and Moritz von Oswald rewrote the rulebook back in the ‘90s with their fusion of Detroit club sonics with dub/reggae production trickery. Pretty much every techno act that has emerged from Berlin since owes Basic Channel a debt. 1993 EP Q1.1 is just one of the many pioneering records they laid down back in the day, and now it’s been re-pressed for your delectation.

Mark Ernestus' Ndagga Rhythm Force

Basic Channel mastermind Mark Ernestus has been immersing himself in collaborations with African musicians for some years now: his Ndagga Rhythm Force is an incredible group of Dakar mbalax musicians. For Yermande, their intense band recordings have been tweaked and dubbed-up by Ernestus for a perfect synthesis of the two approaches. LP release on Ndagga.

Rhythm & Sound

Round Five (featuring Tikiman)
Na Fe Throw It

The Main Street Records drops work like so - though the artist names change from release to release, all of the label’s records were made by the duo of Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus (Basic Channel) in the 90's. While most of the stuff they put out on Main Street shifted the emphasis of the duo’s dub techno style towards house and garage, 1999’s Round Five is the closest the pair ever got to actual doing dub music. ‘Na Fe Throw It’ is a downtempo and brooding tune made all the more moody by the vocals of Tikiman (Paul St. Hilaire).
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Round Three (featuring Tikiman)
Acting Crazy

Great news for deep house fans - Main Street Records are reissuing all of their classic club wedges. 1996's Round Three saw Mark Ernestus and Moritz Von Oswald join forces with Tikiman, an artist we’d come to know better as Paul St. Hilaire. Hilaire’s slinky, vaguely Tricky-style vocals only add to the psychedelic haze of ‘Acting Crazy’. An instrumental and edited version are also included on the Acting Crazy EP.

Basic Channel
Phylyps Trak

Not to be confused with ‘Phylyps Trak II’, Basic Channel’s 1993 EP Phylyps Trak is a similarly defining moment in the history of club music. To say that Mark Ernestus and Moritz von Oswald’s sound is influential is to do it a disservice. In the most basic terms, dub techno simply wouldn’t exist without their pioneering work. This reissued three-track still goes so very deep.
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  • Basic Channel

Round Four (feat. Tikiman)
Find A Way

First released in 1998, Main Street Records compliment with a second vinyl reissue this fourth release of Moritz von Oswald’s and Mark Ernestus’ Round series. The duo, also known as Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound and so on, needs no introduction. On the A-side, Paul St. Hilaire’s vocals as Tikiman transmit chummy vibes from the other end of the living room to the pair’s characteristically smokey productions. The B-side leaves the hi-hats off for a thick, chugging rework.

Round Two
New Day

Back in the 1990’s Basic Channel were reinventing the wheel by fusing club rhythms and dub textures to create what we now know as dub techno. However, BC wasn’t the only thing that the duo of Mark Ernestus and Moritz Von Oswald were up to at that point - they found time to extrapolate the style out to deep house and garage on their sporadic Main Street Records drops. ‘New Day’ (it’s vocal edit, shortened version and dub) is one of the prime examples of the style and well worth the reissue. The duo were going by number of releases for their artist names at this point, hence why the New Day EP was released under the moniker Round Two

Rhythm & Sound
Roll Off

Basic Channel
Octagon / Octaedre

Another re-press for Basic Channel’s seminal ‘Octagon’/‘Octaedre’ 12” here. Originally issued in 1994, the two tunes here are the creme de la creme of the dub techno sound that the duo of Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus forged in the Basic Channel fire. It's now almost a quarter-century on from their first release and both tracks still sound great in the club.

Moritz von Oswald & Ordo Sakhna
Moritz von Oswald & Ordo Sakhna

Basic Channel dub techno supremo Moritz von Oswald has collaborated with Ordo Sakhna, a Kyrgyzstani roots music collective. You might not consider that a logical combination, but you would be wrong! Moritz has subtly garnished the crystal-clear recordings of the amazing Kyrgyzstani performances with touches of dubs and booming rhythms. On Honest Jon’s.

Mark Ernestus Vs. Konono No. 1
Masikulu Dub / Masikulu Rhythm

Mark Ernestus Vs. Obadikah

Obadikah are a Lagos brass band formed from veterans of the Nigerian music scene (some were founder members of the Eko Brass Band). They play joyous Yoruban songs, often in churches, but this particular release finds Mark Ernestus putting them in a rather different context, swathing their brass funk with thick dub. Pretty fabulous stuff. April is a 10” release from Honest Jon’s.

Rhythm & Sound
See Mi Yah

The Berlin-based production duo of Mark Ernestus and Moritz Von Oswald have been recording as Rhythm & Sound for more than two decades, experimenting with new forms of reggae. Their ambitious new album See Mi Yah sees them bring in a rotating cast of guest vocalists for a seamless, continuous mix. 

Rhythm & Sound
The Versions

The Versions is an album of, er, versions, that correspond to the latest vocal Rhythm & Sound album. Rhythm & Sound might have a generic-sounding name, but when you know the personnel involved (Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus!) you realise that this is stuff to really pay attention to. Deep modern dub music from a pair of pros. LP release on Burial Mix.