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Full English Breakfest Vol 4

More Shitmat. More Shitmat... That's all I ever hear Brian say. He's obsessed..... For you Shitmat obsessives out there volume 4 of the Full English Breakfast 12" series is in and it is marvellously stupid.  I'll be starting a help group soon.....I kind of think once you've reviewed one Shitmat record you'v...view item »

Full English Breakfest Vol 2

There's genius & then there's Shitmat. The absolute pinnacle of daft bugger-dom. So intensely stupid & addictive  it hurts. We have Volume 2 of 'Full English Breakfast' in & It's just as mad as the last. Splintered jungle with mental breakdowns & jawdroppingly idiotic samples blended with rave stabs & the lot. Yo...view item »

Full English Breakfest Vol 3

Shitmat. A lot of you have been waiting for re-stocks of Volumes 1 & 2 of Full English Brekker to come back in. Well they're here now so stop yr squealing or yer'll be next in line for the frying pan, lardo. And to keep you on yr toes, we've got a shedful of Volume 3 in too. Am I gonna review it? No. You all should know what the youn...view item »

One Foot In The Rave

Oh God. Mr Shitmat AKA Henry Collins is back. Did anyone see that piccy of him in Plan B as part of the Planet Mu article? He appears like an 18th century mortician man. Looks like the kinda freaky dude who'd be sizing you up for your coffin the moment he met you. Brrrrr! Anyway, he's wanting to kill off his slightly passe moniker and in true fashi...view item »


Shitmat returns on planet Mu with his 'Grooverider' long player. Basically his take on the '93 jungle sound. It's not as silly as most of his stuff. A cool homage to the sound with all the latest laptop production tricks cutting and splicing the beats into a million pieces. 'Pump The Kin' Meanwhile is a hard as nails floor stomper with clanking ind...view item »

Full English Breakfest Vol 1

Shitmat  - new 12" on Planet Mu. Scurrying jungle beats like its 1995 with the old one two over the top. Pretty mental. This is a series  of  5 12"s over 10 weeks. Collect the set  - you know you want to....view item »


..then on to summat completely different. You want mashed-up raggajunglebreakcoredancehall madness? (this is for you aNt!)  Then try the Shitmat LP for size. No CD for this as It ain't summat you stick on at dinner parties. All I can say is It's 8 tracks coming on like a less nihilistic Venetian Sna...view item »

Shitmat, Various

It's all very wrong. soooo wrong... What' so wrong you say? The 'Whatever!' comp on Wrong music featuring 100% fun acts like Shitmat, DJ Scotch Egg and a load of other noise terror-wrists you've never heard of like Ladyscraper, Twenty Knives, Master and DJ Fuckin' Terrible (whose track is nicely called 'crapeat...view item »

Full English Breakfest

Shitmat - Full English Breakfest CD on Planet Mu DB- Bloomin genius. Hopefully the death of this ludicrous breakcore scene. No-one can touch the wonderful silliness of this apeshit knobheadery. C- He's called Henry Collins. I can't believe it.  FB- Not very hard sounding is it? Shitmat's better....view item »

The Lesser Spotted Burberry EP

Blood & sand. For a label that was allegedly going out of business a couple o years back Planet Moooo cow is going hell for leather this week with 2 12"s of beat mangling terrorism. First up is the new long awaited E.P. from comedy dancefloor terroriser Shitmat. 'The lesser spotted burberry gonna slay people from ...view item »

Shitmat, Society Suckers, Various
Wasted- Down & Out