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The Sex Pistols
Live '76

Fans of the Sex Pistols from back in the day are all dead, struggling to remember their own names, or hiding in shame from their previous incarnations as punk rockers with safety pins through their ears and Bostik stuck to their noses a la Adrian Mole. Spark some fragmented memories with Live ‘76 from The Sex Pistols, with...view item »

The Sex Pistols
Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols

You can debate the aesthetics and ethics of the Pistols all you want, but there’s no arguing that their only real album is, well, the bollocks. Where would we be without the results of people being inspired by it, being annoyed by it, or reacting against it? This is all the Pistols you need, really (the odd stray b-side no...view item »

Public Image Limited

Essential deluxe reissues of essential cutting-edge post-punk: John Lydon’s Public Image Limited. Album was recorded in 1986 with Bill Laswell producing and a star-studded cast of session players (Ginger Baker! Ryuchi Sakamoto!). This reissue on U...view item »

Public Image Limited
Metal Box

Essential deluxe reissues of essential cutting-edge post-punk: John Lydon and Jah Wobble’s legendary Public Image Limited. 1979’s Metal Box is a dubbed-up experimental masterpiece that you really should own. This reissue on Universal contains 4 CDs / LPs of material, with B-...view item »

The Sex Pistols

This one's for true fans of the Sex Pistols only. While it's a treat to hear some of the raw footage of the band's first-ever recording, the sound quality is less than professional, and the band lacks the energy found in "Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols" and later recordings. The only true gems on this album are the '76 d...view item »