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Secret Chiefs 3 / Ishraqiyun

Secret Chiefs 3 have a kind of sideline in non-Western music, utilising instruments like the saz and a detailed knowledge of the territory to create hypnotic dancing wonders. The make this material under the name Ishraqiyun, and Perichoresis is the long-overdue first recorded example of this version of ...view item »

Secret Chiefs 3
Sattelite Supersonic Vol.1

If you like the crazy, circus-y, more "bungle" sounding material, start with First or Second Constitution of bylaws. Keep in mind that the first one goes into "noise" after about the 6th song (the first 6 are absolutely ridiculously good). But there is more! Keep listening and you find gems throughout the "goof-off" noise. There are two new song...view item »

Secret Chiefs 3
Xaphan:Book Of Angels Vol 9

Once upon a time I was in about Yr 11 in High School (that's the 2nd-last year before Uni for non-Aussies) and accidentally happened upon a couple of tracks by a band called Mr Bungle. The horrifying perversion was balanced by music so utterly brilliant my tiny mind was blown to bits.(Actually I was too scared to buy the CD for some years, becau...view item »

Secret Chiefs 3
Path of Most Resistance

There are only two tracks from the hard to find EYES OF FLAME album (including a live version of a song available on later albums), and there are three bonus tracks as well. That said, if you love MOD's Surfing USA, you may not be able to pass up SC3's Good Vibrations. Heroes is delightfully bizarre, and SC3 Christmas music will be a seasonal tr...view item »