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Bardo Pond
Is There A Heaven

The harvest this year is a good one. Bardo Pond bring their annual cover EP, featuring Roxy’s In Every Dream Home a Heartache as well as Albert Ayler’s Music Is the Healing Force of the Universe, both reworked to killer, almost-15-minute, richly fuzzy and overdriven compositions. There’s only ...view item »

Bardo Pond & Yo La Tengo
Parallelogram A La Carte

Two meaty side-long cuts are presented here on this split album: one from the psychedelic Bardo Pond and one from New York’s eclectic Yo La Tengo! Both very reliable purveyors of exciting sounds. Parallelogram A La Carte was originally released in 2015, in a five-LP set, but it is now available as...view item »

Bardo Pond
Volume 8

America's most stretched out jam band are back with another set of space rock drone anthems that are totally unafraid in 2018 to contain lashings of flute. Tune in, drop out and chop up as the grizzled rockers lead you towards a sort of drone rock nirvana where everything is waaay psychedelic and ever so wobbly. ...view item »


Bardo Pond always keep themselves busy and continually seek the other limits of the music they play. Curanderos is the supergroup formed by Bardo plus the ensemble Kohoutek, who help push things into extra avant territory. Two side-long pieces of sweet experimental jamming make ...view item »

Bardo Pond
Under The Pines

Bardo Pond are reliable staples in the world of spacey psychedelic experimental rock music, having been plying their riffy trade for twenty-six years now. Under The Pines is a concise new missive from the band, playing a Bardo Pond version of dream-pop. The kind of album you can really sink into. Releas...view item »

Bardo Pond
Peace on Venus

Veteran out-rockers Bardo Pond return this week with album number nine on Fire Records, collecting five brand new tracks of their sludgy stoner-doom psychedelia for your listening convenience. It’s a raw-sounding production full of spluttering guitars and slow crashing drums and s...view item »

Bardo Pond
Bufo Alvarius

It seems impossible to discuss Bardo Pond's music without resorting to language that references mind-altering experiences. Few bands that play guitar-driven psychedelic rock produce music that is truly lysergic in nature; there aren't any questions on that front here. It is music that is made by people who take drugs to make music to take drugs ...view item »

Bardo Pond
Acid Guru Pond

Ahhhh. It wouldn't be Record Store Day without something from Bardo Pond. They have almost made it their own over the last few years with a series of releases that have proved rather popular, certainly amongst the serious listeners to whom Record Store Day is a Justin Bieber step too far. This is a collaboration with Japanese freaks Acid Mothers...view item »

Bardo Pond
Record Store Day Trilogy

Highly regarded long-form psych-rock group Bardo Pond turned their talents towards some total underground classics for Record Store Day 2014, and here the three discs are collected together in a box. Pharoah Sanders, Brian Eno, Funkadelic, Albert Ayler… A...view item »

Bardo Pond / Carlton Melton

Both these bands belong in the 'rock' end of the psychedelic rock spectrum and this split comprises a monster jam from each. On Bardo Pond's side we're treated to a massive searing doomy instrumental psych dirge with bombastic drums and chunky fuzzed out wedges of guitar underpinning much ...view item »

Bardo Pond
Shone Like A Ton

Psychedelic post-rock veterans Bardo Pond have some reissues out this week, one of which is this cassette from way back in 1992! These are not the lushly grandiose meanderings you'd expect from the band nowadays, more like a glimpse into their teenage practice space while they get down and dirty with some buzzy stoner jams, teasing trails of fee...view item »

Bardo Pond

Hehehe, we used to have a mad picture of Bardo Pond on our wall at the old place which was the cause of much celebration and mirth, I’ve never seen a bunch of less photogenic people in my life! They appeared to be a bunch of miserable, scruffy old librarians or IT worker...view item »

Bardo Pond

I like a little bit of Bardo Pond from time to time and I'm not ashamed to admit it. And I like a bit of Peri, their new one, too. Apparently it's the sister album to that Batholith LP they put out a little while back which was all like rarities and stuff I think? In any case it's dead tasty and shows off some sides to them I've not encountered bef...view item »

Bardo Pond / Pre
Keep Mother Vol 5

Fire Records' Keep Mother 10" series drops another installment. This time round it's BARDO POND and PRE splitting the wax. Bardo Pond's contribution 'On Everyone' is an epic slow burning psyche workout. The vocal is disturbed to say the least and the overall atmosphere is a ...view item »

Various (Heavy Winged, Bardo Pond, Cheval Sombre etc.)
Trensmat Records : Every Noise Has A Note

Trensmat has released some excellent records over the years. The only drawback is that you can't get any of 'em as they were mainly super limited lathe cuts which came and went quicker than Alan Wells (anyone remember him?? boy he was fast!). Anyway now you can wipe those tears away from your faces and be happy that Trensmat have compiled some of t...view item »

Bardo Pond
Just Once (Acoustic) / Don't Know About You (Acoustic)

I like a bit of Bardo Pond from time to time.. Particularly Amanita. As you might have gathered, the two tracks here are acoustic versions of songs on their latest self-titled album jobber which sounded pretty good to me from the little bit I heard of it while it was being reviewed the other day. I guess I went into this with a little bit of tre...view item »

Bardo Pond + Tom Carter

Nearly ten years ago, Bardo Pond got together with their friend Tom Carter of Charalambides fame and spent a single day in April putting together two and a half hours of drawn-out psychedelic meditations. This is totally relaxing, bong-fuelled astral madness from start to finish. It's rem...view item »

Kinski / Bardo Pond
Sonic Attack (Lords of Light)

Another of the 3 7"'s released this week in the Trensmat Hawkwind covers trilogy is the Bardo Pond/ Kinski split 7". Yep lets unleash the beast of Hawkwind to a load of psyched out funsters who are getting into the likes of Magic Lantern and Wooden Shjips. The fuzzy psyche space rock revival is happening whether you like it or not. I quit...view item »

V/A (bardo pond/tom carter/howlin' rain/the magik markers/jack rose/lee ranaldo ETC)
Oscillation III CD series

Bardo Pond
Selections Volumes I-IV

Bardo Pond - meandering smack rock, over indulgent droning & occasional bursts of inspiration buried under more absently weaved dullness. Not a fan really but they have their followers, much like The Grateful Dead. A double CD 'Selections ; Volumes I-V' is out on ATP 7....view item »

Bardo Pond
Bardo Pond

No idea when these tracks were recorded but these busy bees are sounding as druggy and psychedelic as ever with that lovely slightly sludgy slow motion heavyness. 'Don't Know About You' is particularly satisfying managing to maintain the aforementioned appeal combined while still being pretty fuckin' rockin' at the same time. No mean feat but le...view item »

Bardo Pond

Bardo Pond are back on Three Lobed with a long player of 70's sounding progressive psychedelic rock. 'Batholith' kind of wanders along pretty gently with smatterings of blues/garage rock and cool female vox that I haven't got a clue what they're saying. Mingus made me laugh yesterday when we were listening to this when he declared "It sounds l...view item »

Bardo Pond
Ticket Crystals

The ole consciousness takes a right battering so I don't know whether I'm coming or going. That's what I expect  it's like being in Bardo Pond judging by the promo poster we have on the wall for 'Dilate' here. It's in the eyes you know..... They have a new album out on ATP called 'Ticket Crystals' which is a big folk stoner...view item »

Bardo Pond
On The Ellipse

Bardo Pond. Is that like...erm...what Brigitte has in her back garden like of lily pads & frogs & slime & empty beer cans & supermarket trollies??? Eh eh?? "No, You Fool!" said Fat Barry, "It's a well respected US alternative act that look like a bunch of gr...view item »

Bardo Pond, Flying Saucer Attack, Various
Harmony Of The Spheres