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This one’s been coming. After two 2017 EPs (and next month’s Engineered Morality), Paul Rose aka Scuba aka SCB gives us the first LP from his vowel-phobic project. Anyone coming here and expecting a nice fix of jacking house will be left disappointed - SCB’s stuff is l...view item »

Fabric 90: Scuba

It feels like Scuba must be going for some kind of record for his installment of the legendary Fabric mix CD series: he flies through 42 tracks over the course of the CD’s running time. That requires wild cutting-together skills as well as a knack for selections: producers here include Pearson Sound...view item »

Claustrophobia Remixes

This year’s Scuba full-length, Claustrophobia, has already fulfilled a lot of people’s techno dreams. Now he’s handed over the stems to a wide range of hot producers for remixing, including but not limited to Atom™, Len Faki, Tallmen 785, and ...view item »


Scuba, or Scuwop, as he liked to be known, comes back with a full new album, Claustrophobia, on his own Hotflush label. Rhythms are fluid from track to track, generally staying away from the straightforward approach in favour of the engaging and unexpected. We are still in sleek dancefloor territory though, oh yes oh ye...view item »


Producer and DJ extraordinaire Scuba is back with his third full-length proper, and it's a cracker. He's already showed he's more than adept at putting together beats and if anything this album is even more playful and diverse than the last two, with techno, house and electronic influence...view item »

The Hope

I am DanceBrian (tm) today. I just found out Orbital have been lined up to headline my fave festival this Summer in Lancashire, I've never had the opportunity to see the headtorch sporting egghead boffins so I'm super-stoked to learn of this tremendous news. Scuba is one of those guys who's always getting ranted about, I tend to like ...view item »


Where is Ant when you need him? We all have our expertise here at Norman Records and it seems this week I'm taking on the chunk normally handled by the 'Wild Man of Menston'. He'd be able to tell you exactly what these lot have been listening to to create this swirl of '80s funk and exactly how it sits in with t...view item »


I find Scuba a bit of a weird one. I find some of his stuff totally amazing and some of it a bit meh. Triangulation's the follow up to his first full length, A Mutual Antipathy, and for the most part I think it fits into the 'amazing' category. It's a really nice progression for his techno-influenced sound, beginning characteristically cold and sta...view item »

The Upside (Martyn’s Down Mix) / Twitch (Jamie Vex’d Remix)

Hot Flush geezer Scuba get's some excellent remix treatment from Martyn who along with Flying Lotus seems to be remixing everyone these days. I must confess to having somewhat of a soft spot for his style. This mix of The Upside really does it for me. He teakes things into a deeper heady direction with less emphasis on the 2 step stuff he does and ...view item »

From Within (Marcel Dettmann Remix) / Hard Boiled (SCB Edit)

Another Scuba remix thing following on from the one last week, this time the stark dubstep lad has roped in Marcel Dettman to do 'From Within' which he transforms into a fantastic technoid thudder, chock full of relentless stepped beats that are going to appeal to fans of that Chain Reaction-y, Monolake sort of sound. On the other side Scuba remixe...view item »