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School Of Seven Bells

SVIIB is the final studio album by School of Seven Bells. It was recorded in 2012. At the time of recording, School of Seven Bells were a duo consisting of Benjamin Curtis, previously of Secret Machines and Alejandra Deheza following the departure of her sister Claudia Deheza in 2010. S...view item »

School Of Seven Bells

A band with that most trusted of career trajectory of starting promisingly and managing to get worse on each release, School of Seven Bells have veered from a a vaguely interesting nu-gaze (sorry) proposition that showed hints of heading in a direction that could be termed interesting, to...view item »

School Of Seven Bells

School Of Seven Bells never fail to disappoint me. 'Lafaye III' is an ambitious synthpop single that to me sounds like Linkin Park with with female vocals instead of that Chester Copperpot fellow. It's a radio ready treat for the kids innit. B-side 'Love From A Stone' fares alot better, so...view item »

School Of Seven Bells
My Cabal

School Of Seven Bells: 'My Cabal' plus Robin Guthrie mix (Sonic Cathedral) A big beat driven chugger in the mode of State Of Grace (according to our man at the helm). It's anthemic in scale and delivery, with a chorus of female vocals and constantly elevating keyboard lines and fx. The flipside's mix by Mr Cocteau-Robin Guthrie takes the ...view item »

School Of Seven Bells
Heart Is Strange

I'm sure you must know the score with these by now.. Pure throwback shoegazey pop with token electronic bells on. 'Heart Is Strange' is probably the clubbiest thing I've heard them do, though I think Pitchfork are going a tad over the top (quelle surprise) in declaring it a 'banger'. On t'other side you gets your White Sea remix of 'Dust Devil' ...view item »

School Of Seven Bells
Disconnect From Desire

What is going on with all this watered down shoegaze we get these days? These guys have been absorbing late period Lush & Cocteaus I reckon. From the ethereal vocal harmonies to dated dance beats, these luscious ladies & their male cohort sound like a Goa backpacker's dream. I cannot bring myself to dislike it too much as they sound like...view item »

School Of Seven Bells

I fucking love this song. It's like swimming in the most wonderous of oceans. They have a shoegazing rating of at least 6.5 on MetaCritic..probably. Its breathy vocals and sweet production really brings a tear to your eye. Its amazingly cathartic and enchanting in equal measure. I can't say enough good things about this single. What I will say t...view item »

School Of Seven Bells

So sad to note the tragic passing of founding School of Seven Bells man Benjamin Curtis. What a terrible shame. Anyway here is a re-issue of the debut School of Seven Bells album in which he collaborated with identical sisters Alejandra and Claudia Deheza on a form of electronic dream pop that was slightly ahead of the curve in that lo...view item »

Various (School of Seven Bells, Maps, M83 etc.)
Cathedral Classics Volume 1

Sonic Cathedral have released some wicked singles over the last few years and the label have compiled them on one nice priced CD for you. Cathedral Classics Volume 1 is here in it's 17 track glory! In case you don't know what the label have done before, they have released folks like The Tamborines, Mark Gardener, Ulrich Schnauss, Sarabeth Tucek, Sc...view item »

School Of Seven Bells

School Of Seven Bells are back on Full Time Hobby/ Ghostly with the 'Iamundernodisguise' 7". To be honest I'm not sure if this was on the recent album or not but it does sound vaguely familiar. They seem to have nailed a good balance of slightly fuzzy shoegazey-ish indie with an ethereal folky quality. Brian reckons that it sounds like a cross...view item »

School Of Seven Bells
Silent Grips

School Of Seven Bells: Silent Grips (Suicide Squeeze) Is powered by a loose limbed jazzy beat and clear, glistening vocals almost reminiscent of Stereolab, sans the ubiquitous bahbahbahs.There's nothing more to it than the voice, percussion/beats, a quivering keyboard line with the slightest touch of FX here and there (provided by no other tha...view item »

School Of Seven Bells
Half Asleep

Moving swiftly on to this here School of Seven Bells 7" on Ghostly. 'Half Asleep' is the state that this tune makes me feel, it has a dreamy vibe to it that I quite like. On second spin it's a decent pop tune. Phil has mentioned that bits of it remind him of Prefuse 73 and Brian reckons if you liked the last stuff the Cocteau Twins did then yo...view item »