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Crayola Summer
I Know Who We Are

Who remembers the Colgates? Actually I do which probably makes me very sad indeed. Anyway the feller that made this used to be in the Colgates and also the much loved Sarandon. Here he is with a flex disc (and 6 track download) with a magnificent piece of warped indie somewhere between Josef K...view item »

The Feminist Third

Sarandon, the Big Flame/A Witness devotees who're steadily building up a modicum of sprightly respect have their difficult 3rd 7" EP out on Leeds' very own Wrath. 'The Feminist Third' is more of the same itchy, buzzsaw 80's agit pop but now embellished with some stereophonic trumpet squawks here and there. Seven brief ...view item »

Sarandon's Age Of Reason

Turns out I've not done enough reviews yet this week so I'm the lucky sucker who gets to review the Sarandon LP. I believe I've come into contact with these lads before and as I recall they create agitated post-punk with a hint of brit-pop tweeness. 'Saradon's Age Of Reason' sees the lads tackling the tricky terrain of the concept album. This on...view item »

Kill Twee Pop!

Sarandon are back with their first official CD album on Slumberland. In case you've just joined us, this incredibly savvy 3 piece are the main torchbearers for a sound that alledgedly died in 1988 with the last EP from Death by Milkfloat. Just dozens of incredibly taut, caustic & brief agit pop ditties yelled out by a man named after a brand of...view item »

Joe's Record

Sarandon are back with a pink vinyl 7" on Slumberland. I believe they've undergone a slight line up change but it's essentially the same thing you're getting here as on previous goodness. It's called 'Joe's Record' and it's a tribute to ex bass player Joe who us...view item »

Other People's Records

Sarandon are back with a new 7" on new label Little Car Records. They've now got Alan Brown from Big Flame in the band on bass and vox duties (don't you love the word vox). Searching For The Now is a 3 track 7" of sprightly jerky timeless sounding indie pop. Brian has told me to mention Death by Milkfloat. There I said it. Apparently thei...view item »

The Big Flame

Woo we got a new 7" in by Sarandon. We loved their last one. Since their last 7 track EP they've been very busy. Well they had one rehearsal before going into record their new 7 track EP if you call that busy. You wouldn't know though cos it's totally class folks. This is packed full of energy and top short songs.... we like short s...view item »

The Completist's Library

A mention must be made about the wicked SARANDON comp LP, 'The Completist's Library'. The bass player has threatened us with an incredibly painful death even though we've given all the singles a glowing write up if we don't say something. He's right of course, we have no excuse whatsoever, for this is 28 wonderful jerky buzzsaw guitar...view item »

The Miniest Album

Sarandon release their debut 7" single. In fact this turned up at the towers early this week and we were so impressed we e mailed the band to get a load off 'em cos we know you're all gonna want copies. It's 7 tracks in total and tis called The Miniest Album. I've been asking the boys to brainstorm who they sound like and this is wh...view item »

The June Bride

Sarandon are back with another fantastic 7 track 7" EP on Wrath. That trademark buzzsaw Ron Johnson C86 sound is evident as always (I love more that sound than anything). I was listening to Nightingales' new 7" last week & thinking just how pleased as punch I am that there's still a handful of bands stu...view item »