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Richard H. Kirk is most famous for being a member of Sheffield industrialists Cabaret Voltaire. He also struck out on his own in 1992 under the name Sandoz, a name taken from the lab that developed LSD in the ‘30s. He has released 12 albums under that name to date. Second Circle have been sifting through his archive and found four tracks that were originally released in the early days of his solo career and made one stunner of an EP.
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#9294 (Collected Works 1992 - 1994)

As well as working within Cabaret Voltaire, and his own solo work, Richard H. Kirk  had another many other guises. One of which was Sandoz, with the mission statement of melding African rhythms and european dance music. This collection brings 3 remastered albums and a CD of unreleased material between 1992 and 1994.

Richard H. Kirk
#7489 (collected works 1974 - 1989)

Sheffield has housed many electronic music pioneers, of which Richard H. Kirk was one of the greatest. Alongside his work with Cabaret Voltaire he was producing his own solo works long before, during and after. This collection precedes the group, with a massive 8 CDs of solo dance experiments. Includes his first four albums remastered, and an album of completely unreleased tracks.

Underground Resistance, Sandoz, Various
Global Technological Innovations

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Live In The Earth -Dub Chapter Vol 2

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