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Saint Etienne
Home Counties

Finally not an album about London from the veteran pop charmers as they pay tribute to the Home Counties where they grew up. This is a song suite about that area of the UK that spawned Depeche Mode, the Prodigy and Sutton United. Constantly finding new ways of keeping their electro-pop fresh, Saint Etienne are a true British ins...view item »

Saint Etienne
Tales From Turnpike House

Saint Etienne switches moods as easily as most people change clothes. Tales From Turnpike House is a lovely example of how a seemingly dull topic -- suburbia -- can yield unexpected beauty. From the folk delicacy of "Sun in My Morning" to the more upbeat "Milk Bottle Symphony," Sarah Cracknell's lyrics again evoke a stunning portrait of place. "...view item »

Saint Etienne
Tiger Bay

Tiger Bay was the second half of Saint Etienne's great one-two punch -- So Tough and Tiger Bay. So Tough was a much more experimental album, melding sophisticated pop songs with samples including everything from Rush's 'Spirit of Radio,' to Marc almost saying, 'non-stop erotic cabaret.' Tiger Bay, on the other hand was a much more direct record ...view item »

Saint Etienne
A Glimpse of Stocking

Christmas music from Saint Etienne! It seems that every year or two a beloved indieish band steps up to the festive mark with a fun festive album (tbt Low), and in 2016 it’s Saint Etienne! A mixture of originals and covers (such as Chris Rea’s ‘Driving Home For...view item »

Sarah Cracknell

A very welcome addendum to Sarah Cracknell’s recent solo album Red Kites. This mini-album Kites allows the lushly cinematic instrumental tracks from that album to really shine, with Cracknell’s lead vocals removed but some extra instruments and gospel vocals added in, to soup up the...view item »

Saint Etienne
I've Got Your Music

On the basis that they all still look pretty hot (especially the lady one) and that they are still popular and have nice cover art I was hoping that Saint Etienne still had some of the musical chops that made some of the...view item »

Saint Etienne
Sound Of Water

I suspect that Wiggs, Stanley & Cracknell may have been listening to a lot of Brian Wilson before recording "Water". With this album, the group sounds like it has harnessed a much more mature, if somewhat melancholy, sound. You just get the feeling that, after Good Humor, the band simply wanted to push the envelope, creatively. I can't help ...view item »

Saint Etienne
Good Humor

1998 saw Saint Etienne release their fourth album Good Humor, which was recorded in Sweden and marks a movement away from the band’s dancier origins. As well as more of a balance between acoustic instruments and synths, the album has quite a loungey soft vibe, almost like a flipside to what Stereolab...view item »

Saint Etienne
Foxbase Alpha

Saint Etienne's debut is quite brilliant. The music, is mainly a blend of house, hop-hop and classic 60's pop, but many other styles are added to the mix. The vocals (in almost all of the songs, by Sarah Cracknell) are breezy and sensual. Songs like "Spring", "Nothing Can Stop Us" or "She's the One" are catchy, beautifully constructed pop gems. But...view item »

Saint Etienne
So Tough

“So Tough” was the second album by Saint Etienne and was released in 1993. I think it is by far their best work and is a bit of a classic. It works really well as a whole with all the songs being linked with samples of dialogue from films such as “Billy Liar” (“A man could Lose himself in London”). The first f...view item »

Saint Etienne

Continental is Saint Etienne’s rarities collection, released in Japan in 1997 and featuring material from the preceding five years, much of it not previously available (though it does also feature that lovely hit song ‘He’s On The Phone’. Now Continental is receiving its first ever vinyl...view item »

Saint Etienne
Burnt Out Car

Saint Etienne return after a long lay-off with the most ridiculous approximation of Kylie Minogue's simpering day-glo chart pop. 'Burnt Out Car' is mild mannered electronic pop that doffs it's cap to prime Stock, Aitken & Waterman and like lots of their stuff is so insipid & awful it's actually quite irresistable! 7"/CDs with one of th...view item »

Saint Etienne
Smash The System Singles 1990-99

This compilation is missing a few great tunes which have been replaced with other great tunes. Listening to Sarah singing "Hobart Paving" and "Mario's Cafe" in her unique way is a treat. Along with Pulp and the Arctic Monkeys, Saint Etienne have encapsulated English life in a way that few others have managed. Bob and Pete's clever production is sup...view item »

Saint Etienne

The best music takes time to blossom for the listener, and anything worth doing takes work. Saint Etienne, underneath their glossy pop shimmer, can have this amazing, sinister undercurrent. Bob and Pete have a way of introducing melodic elements over the course of an entire track that gradually deliver the final crescendo, almost by insinuation....view item »