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More explosive, sugar-coated, electronic hype treats from good old Rustie, back with his third album. EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE is packed to the bloody gills with sonic laser beams, massive synth textures, and, in a crucial distinction from his last record, no vocals. This is all Rustie, all the time. 15 bange...view item »

Green Language

Following from 2011's hyperactive Glass Swords, Rustie drops another polished electronica record in Green Language, once more on Warp. A man adept at staying current, many of the 'post-dubstep' sounds of Glass Swords are repla...view item »

Ultra Thizz

I don't massively understand Rustie either but at least his records have some flow, dynamism and real impact. It's that space-age soul thing, that plastic vocodered euphoria I struggle with, but this 'Ultra Thizz' tune still has enough delirious clout, stalking momentum and mad ...view item »

Glass Swords

Not that familiar with Rustie so I can't vouch for his other (apparently) well received 12” EP's 'Zig Zag', 'Ultra Phizz' and the 'Sunburst EP' but this Glaswegian producer is clearly ahead of the game with his jumped up post-Dubstep style. Lumped in with the likes of Hudson Mohawke...view item »

Flying Lotus, Rustie, Various

This is a super fancy package that comprises 14 super high-quality photo prints by Shaun Bloodworth and comes in a custom foldout package together with a cool 12 track CD featuring some fine dubstep/wonk/ hop/ funky gems from the likes of Daedelus, Hudson Mohawke, Geeneus, Flying Lotus, Headhunter, Falty DL, Skream, Mike Slott, Kotchy, Taz Buckf...view item »

Sunburst EP

Seriously don't know what to expect from this chappie. He takes his time over his tunes by the looks of it. Lumped in with HudMo, Joker & Zomby because he kicks dubstep in the face & chucks a load of day-glo gloss & random madness all over its silly, wobbly features. I think they tried to call this shit wonky did they not? Well this ...view item »

Bad Science EP

BIG TWELVE LOL! Rustie's long awaited 'Bad Science' EP on Wireblock finally hits the streets and it's a beauty, ably building on 'Zig Zag' with three new tunes jostling for position with a Heinrich Mueller (aka Gerald Donald) remix of said tune from last year as well as a cheeky reprise at the end. Opener 'Tar' puts the 'crunk' in aquacrunk with ad...view item »

Rustie & 215 The Freshest Kids
Cafe De Phresh

Rustie Feat. 215 The Freshest Kids: Cafe De Phresh (Stuff) Touted as the next big thing...and i'm not really sure what all the fuss is about. I thought Rustie was from Scotland, all I can hear are some American sounding MC's rhymng over some old school sounding electro influenced Miami Bass. I've decided to flip it over so I'm not distracted by the...view item »