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Neil Michael Hagerty and the Howling Hex
Live at Third Man Records

Neil Michael Hagerty is best known for his frontmanship of major noise rock players Royal Trux, but he’s also doing stuff with The Howling Hex. They recently had a date together at Jack White’s Third Man Records HQ, and a coupla cuts from the performance hav...view item »

Royal Trux “Live”
Platinum Tips + Ice Cream

American rockers Royal Trux called it quits in 2001 and went their separate ways, forming Black Bananas, RTX, and The Howling Hex. The first full length release since the reunion was recorded live over two days and covers most of their 12 albums in their rawest and purest form. ...view item »

Neil Michael Hagerty & The Howling Hex
Full Moon In Gemini

Full Moon In Gemini is a typically punchy slice of Howling Hex sound, marshalled as ever by bandleader Neil Michael Hagerty. Please note that, excitingly, every individual copy of the 7” has been hand-packaged by Hagerty himself, meaning that each one is a little different and uni...view item »

Royal Trux
Hand of Glory

Hand of Glory is the tenth album by Royal Trux. It consists of recordings made by founding members, guitarist Neil Hagerty and vocalist Jennifer Herrema between 1985-89 and was originally released in 2002. The album is split into two halves conceptually: Domo Des Burros an...view item »

Royal Trux
Hero Zero

‘Hero Zero’ by The Royal Trux was the first ever release for Drag City records over twenty five years ago. Pioneering in their day for their use of moog synthesizer in punk music, broken song structures and a unique, almost deliberately ugly vocal style that is echoed in the work of artists such as Kim Gordon, Royal Trux were the ori...view item »

Royal Trux
Radio Video

Primal indie rawkers Royal Trux made some of the '90s most hectic music, with jaunty punk conjoining their sweet pop hooks to create a nebulous, chaotic strand of rock music. With a title that pushed forward their many idiosyncrasies and contradictions, Radio Video became an EP of five tracks. A wond...view item »

Royal Trux
Veterans Of Disorder

This really is the quintessential, junk-free Royal Trux. It may not be pretty, but hey, it's art. No Trux album is an easy listen (except, perhaps their major label boogie-fest, Thank You) but repeated listens get into your head and clear away some of the noise, smoke and dust. Neal says that they make music for people who like music, whatever t...view item »

Royal Trux
Royal Trux (first album)

Extremely underrated and unique band. When I looked at the band pictures, and heard the albums, I got the impression these guys were definitely something else. Their whole approach towards everything they did seemed almost futuristic, they created a style that was very intricate, but in the most radical way possible. While it could be coincidenc...view item »

Royal Trux
Twin Infinitives

This album is from the tape-loops and noise era of Royal Trux. It has sounds of early Kraftwerk, Delta blues, go-go, noise rock, shoegazer, and classic hard rock...often all at once! True, it takes a few listens to get, much less like, but once you give it a shot, you'll be glad you did. There is almost no trace o...view item »

Royal Trux
Cats And Dogs

When Royal Trux are good, they're amazing. Here, they're okay but not great. "Cats & Dogs" is their fourth album and comes after some epic experimentation on "Twin Infinitives" and a more song driven self-titled album. "Cats & Dogs" does a bit of both. There are songs such as "Flag" with slide guitar and pounding beat that more-or-less t...view item »

Royal Trux

Royal Trux finish up their "decades trilogy" with Accelerator, their tribute to the music of the 1980's. But it ain't no Flock of Seagulls! With the absence of bass on the album, Neil Haggarty's guitar sizzles with raw riffage. Jennifer Herrema's joplin-esque vocals add a primal, pure edge to the feeling o...view item »