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Ben Watt & Robert Wyatt
Summer Into Winter / North Marine Drive

Summer Into Winter/North Marine Drive is a collaboration between Ben Watt, formerly of Everything But The Girl and Robert Wyatt. Robert Wyatt was a huge influence on Ben Watt. This LP features a sublime cover of Bob Dylan’s Yo...view item »

Robert Wyatt
Nothing Can Stop Us Now

A 1986 release of political torch and protest songs. "Shipbuilding" was released as a single and it remains a great working class song. "At last I am Free" sung in Mr Wyatt's unique nasal dirge is a powerful song. It has a bleak and touching cover of "Strange Fruit" made famous by Billie Holiday. "Red Flag" and "Trade Union" are reminders of how...view item »

Robert Wyatt

There are many musicians who I wish would retire but one of them isn't Robert Wyatt.  Therefore it's a real shame that he is to make no more music. Instead let's be grateful that there is a large back catalogue to trawl through. 'Shleep' is his 1997 album which at that point was his first in six years. As always it's a glorious and eccentri...view item »

Robert Wyatt

I've heard bits of Robert Wyatt material over the years but I'm no expert. I do know that he's somewhat of a legendary singer songwriter that was robbed of the Mercury music prize by some cheeky monkey. So here we have his latest opus 'Comic Opera'.What I get from his music is that he's at peace when he's creating it. It just comes straight from hi...view item »

Robert Wyatt

The old bearded prog-master himself, Robert Wyatt sings in a wide-eyed, articulate voice and crafts weird little songs around the edges, with piano, off-kilter harmonies and choruses that remind one of the sugar-pop days of Steely Dan more than anything else. In 1968, Wyatt took some downtime away from Soft Machine to make his own music, which w...view item »

Robert Wyatt
Different Every Time

He's got a huge beard and he's releasing a new record: that is literally all you can ask from Robert Wyatt. 'Different Every Time' compile two elements of Wyatt's work. One side is for the wee perplexed, introducing the songwriter to a new, clueless generation, while the second collects together his best feature work in a career filled to the br...view item »

Robert Wyatt
The End Of An Ear

This work is bubbling with dynamics and has depth of texture. Typical of Wyatt, it also has plenty of surreal humour. Listen to his bubbling scat on the opening track. It's just extremely difficult to describe music like this without picking each moment apart and describing them in precise detail. Doing so would probably suck the enjoyment out o...view item »

Robert Wyatt
Theatre Royal Drury Lane 8th September 1974

This is glorious jazz rock, with shimmering and shining keyboards, trumpets, violins, and many other wonderful and warm sounds. This is finely written music in which the master and his crew can exploit both compositional and improvising skills. There is tons of beautiful soloing on here, and it absolutely has the reflex of free jazz. But it is i...view item »

Robert Wyatt
His Greatest Misses

Well one of our greatest songwriters needs no introduction from a snotty oik like myself. The guy is in a weelchair but can still metaphorically kick most of his fellow post 60's singer songwriters into a cocked hat I feel. It's the whimsical sensitivity, grace & considerable beauty of his songs that win every time. This is a Japanese market...view item »

Robert Wyatt & Bertrand Burgalat
This Summer Night

Weird release of the week award goes to Domino for the Bertran Burgalat and Robert Wyatt 12". 'This Summer Night' is it's name and I think it's a new track (though I'm not massively familiar with Wyatt's work ....yet). It's cocking weird though.... It almost sound like Pizzicato 5 but with Robert's dulcit tones thrown over it. It kind of works...view item »

Robert Wyatt
Dondestan (Revisited)

Dondestan is a wispy, gorgeous dream of an album. As usual, much of the delight is in simply listening to Robert Wyatt sing, but that joy wouldn't be as great were the songs and production not as strong as they are. If you're new to Robert Wyatt, I'd start with his mid-70's work (Rock Bottom is always referenced as his best, for good reasons), a...view item »

Robert Wyatt
Old Rottenhat

Old Rottenhat is Robert Wyatt's first full-length solo album since 1975's Ruth is Stranger Than Richard, released a full 10 years later. Though Wyatt did record a bit and released a few singles (mostly covers) in between, Old Rottenhat is in many ways a breakage of silence, and a reemergence of Wyatt's stupendously unique musical, lyrical and vo...view item »

Robert Wyatt
Nothing Can Stop Us

Wyatt was a peripheral interest for me, mostly post 'Soft Machine', with 'Matching Mole', 'Rock Bottom' & 'Ruth is Stranger Than Fiction'. A 1986 release of political torch and protest songs. "Shipbuilding" was released as a single and it remains a great working class song. "At last I am Free" sung in Mr Wyatt's unique nasal dirge is a power...view item »

Robert Wyatt
Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard

At its heart, Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard is an active listening album. What I mean is, if you don't pay attention when you listen to it, you probably won't enjoy it very much. If you're not already a Robert Wyatt fan, I'm not sure if Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard is the best or most accessible place to start--that honour might go to Rock Bott...view item »

Charles Hayward, Hugh Hopper, Lol Coxhill, Robert Wyatt
Clear Frame

Robert Wyatt
Rock Bottom

Although by the time this album was composed Robert Wyatt had not yet suffered the accident that left him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and was only recorded later, there's a certain touch of sorrow in his singing that creeps under your skin throughout the record. So I would say this is...view item »

Robert Wyatt, Brian Eno, Scott Walker, Various
Plague Songs

Strangest compilation of the month must be this PLAGUE SONGS thang on 4AD, an eclectic roster of 10 artists having being commissioned to write a song about one of the ten deadly biblical plagues. Interesting concept indeed! Starting off with the vicious Plan B-esque gritty UK hip hop of Kalashnikoff (Blood),  collapsin...view item »