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Robert Pollard
Waved Out

Not only do we have to wade through a new Robert Pollard/Guided By Voices record each week, we now have re-issues to contend with. 'Waved out' was Pollard's second second solo album and came from an era where I was still fairly excited about his output. It's good, if not quite as good as it's predecessor 'Not In...view item »

Robert Pollard

The most recent Guided By Voices album August By Cake was the one hundredth studio album that Robert Pollard has been involved in, a fairly impressive thing by anyone’s standards. To celebrate, this book is being released, featuring the front and back covers of every single one of those 100...view item »

Guided By Voices
Space Gun

Since we started our #namethenewguidedbyvoicesalbum hashtag Guided By Voices album titles have become really boring. Here's the latest one  - 'Space Gun'. 'Reversed Hen Tsunami Plot' will just have to wait I suppose. This is the third from the new classic GBV line up which includes such future legends as Mark Shue and ...view item »

Guided By Voices
See My Field

Guided By Voices reckon that their new album 'Space Gun' is so good that they are only releasing that one and that one only in 2018. None of their usual distraction tactics. Here's an early taster which features bonus B-sides from drummer March and bassist Shue. They all chip in these days and have become a 5 headed power pop sex beast. ...view item »

Guided By Voices
Ogre's Trumpet

Tobin Sprout - pah! Mitch Mitchell - who? We all know that the new classic Guided By Voices line up is the Pollard/Gillard/March/Shue/Bare Jr one that rocked Asbury Park, New Jersey in August 2017. Were you there? Probably not but now you can relive the sights, the smells and the sounds of the grandpops of lo-fi as they rattle t...view item »

Guided By Voices
August By Cake

Robert Pollard is proud to announce that August By Cake is his one hundredth studio album release: pretty ludicrous, especially for a career of just(!) three decades. This one is Pollard’s prime group Guided By Voices, in a fresh new line-up, and it’s their first double albu...view item »

Guided By Voices
Live From Austin, TX

Back in 2004, Robert Pollard had decided that Guided By Voices, a band that had been his baby for more than 20 years, had run it’s course. Live From Austin, Texas was one of the band’s final gigs, and you can now share the emotional night with them again. Available on 2LP vinyl or 2CD+DVD. It needs t...view item »

Guided By Voices
Just To Show You / Knife City

Here's a 7" taster of something from America's most tired band and official power pop grand pops Guided By Voices forthcoming boringly titled 'How Do You Spell Heaven' album. It includes an exclusive B side and comes on limited translucent green wax . Warning: listening to it might not enhance your life in anyway whatsoever. &nb...view item »

Guided By Voices
How Do You Spell Heaven

Rather like Mark E Smith, Robert Pollard has a habit of pulling out a plum just when you are thinking it's all over. Re-grouped and re-invigorated with an (almost) all new line up, last years August By Cake was more like the band we remembered and hot on it's heels we get another. Fifteen new tunes from the fab (in...view item »

Ricked Wicky
Swimmer to a Liquid Armchair

If you thought that when Guided By Voices broke up that frontman Robert Pollard was just going to disappear, become a recluse living in a log cabin recording feedback into a four-track then you’d be very wrong. The indefatigably prolific indie-rock legend has started a new band, Ricked Wicky...view item »

ESP Ohio
Starting Point Of The Royal Cyclopean

ESP Ohio is yet another band by Robert Pollard, working once again with his fellow Guided By Voices member Doug Gillard. Starting Point Of The Royal Cyclopean is a proper nice rock album, with guitar chug, bonus brass parts, and catchy tunes. The good ship Polla...view item »

Robert Pollard
Of Course You Are

Guided By Voices’ leader Robert Pollard is back with another solo outing (his twenty-fourth(!)), a suite of classically rock-based tunes and dextrous songwriting.. One track even has an appearance from that deliciously proggy instrument, the mellotron. Of Course You Are is released on the Fire Ame...view item »

Teenage Guitar
Force Fields At Home

More home-spun nonsense comes from Robert Pollard, who is frankly terrible at post-GBV retirement (which he has evoked twice now). Force Fields at Home sees his newest moniker Teenage Guitar spinning through jangle pop tunes similar to those of old, but without the same spr...view item »

Ricked Wicky
King Heavy Metal

Ricked Wicky is the new band from Guided By Voices frontman Robert Pollard: well I suppose you can’t have a well-named band twice in your life can you? King Heavy Metal is fairly heavy metal, but also quite a bit prog, and substantial parts pop-rock. Good fun all the way on Guided...view item »

Psycho & The Birds (Robert Pollard & Todd Tobias)
All That Is Holy

Robert Pollard
Faulty Superheroes

A couple of months have passed since the relentlessly prolific Robert Pollard unleashed his post-Guided By Voices project, Ricked Wicky on us, therefore he’s overdue a solo release. On Faulty Superheroes, Pollard delivers twelve power-pop-ish nuggets with his typically imperfect, ...view item »

Teenage Guitar
More Lies From The Gooseberry Bush

Robert Pollard is the ringleader of the merry indie rock men Guided By Voices, who have been releasing dozens upon dozens of records since the late 80s. Pollard is renowned for making surreal jangle pop classics that are snipped off at the ends, traditionally playing them out at under two minutes at length. As such, he's got a lot of time t...view item »

Robert Pollard
Blazing Gentlemen

It’s great being a Guided By Voices fan. You certainly never have to wait too long before they drop another batch of great songs on LP, EP or even the humble seven inch (normally about 10 releases in the space of a few months!) and for a few years now we've even been getting the added bonus of Pollard...view item »

Robert Pollard
Jack Sells The Cow

After the surprisingly excellent second Guided By Voices comeback album ‘Class Clown Spots a UFO’, I wondered whether the newly discovered inspiration found throughout that LP could be transferred to frontman ...view item »

Robert Pollard
Space City Kicks

Ahhhhhh Bobby Pollard. You really are spoiling me with this record. Pollard is a songwriting master. I don't think he can walk through his house without writing 28 new tunes. This album is yet more proof that the man's a genius. The newest batch of songs from El Bobito are ace. They have melodies and hooks in spades. The album opens with a jarri...view item »

Robert Pollard
Music For Bubble

So Guided by Voices split up earlier this year sparking a mass suicide pact by writers at Magnet magazine (only thwarted when they were coaxed down off their ledge with the promise of a new Death Cab for Cutie album and a Neutral Milk Hotel re-issue). Phew - for a minute there I thought I'd never have to read about ...view item »

Robert Pollard
Moses On a Snail

It’s always a bit of a lottery with Robert Pollard’s solo stuff, or am I being unfair?  (No- Reviews Ed) Just because he has previously released so much brilliant stuff, if he releases something that’s not quite up to scratch everybody, including loyal fans, seem to hate it. If any other band put out one of his suppos...view item »

Jar of Jam Ton of Bricks

This Cosmos project did not seem to get much attention, especially since he released a Boston Spaceships and solo record around the same time (I think - it's hard to keep track sometimes). The instrumentation on this album is simple, but effective, similar in some ways to Pollard's other albums. There is also a bit of psychedelia included with a...view item »

Robert Pollard
I'm A Strong Lion

Had enough Guided By Voices/Robert Pollard records yet? Well here's another. Its the first post GBV Pollard single freshly signed to Must Destroy. The lead track must be one of the shortest singles of all time clocking in at 1:08. Its a chirpy and catchy with lots of Cars like early 80's keyboards. There's two other trac...view item »

Robert Pollard
Normal Happiness

You can't knock ROBERT POLLARD. He's a very prolific songwriter.... Not unlike Merzbow he practically writes an album every time he goes for his morning bobby. There are many obsessive GBV and Pollard collectors out there for two reasons. One he's very prolific and secondly cos the man's a genius..... at times. His n...view item »

Keene Brothers (Robert Pollard & Tommy Keene)
Blues & Boogie Shoes

Robert Pollard
From A Compound Eye

Robert Pollard looks like he hasn't slept for a week on the cover of his new album, 'From A Compound Eye' It's on Must Destroy & as usual, the man just belches, farts & yawns diamond pop tunes from a bygone era. There really is no comparison. Phil says to the chaps fitting our brand new window (3 years too late) "He's...view item »