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Richard Youngs

Troubadour, jester, joker, prankster. These are all words that have probably been used to describe the gleefully playful Richard Youngs. A rare voice in experimental music that is simultaneously very good and also entirely up for taking the piss. Arrow was recorded between Glasg...view item »

Richard Youngs

Richard Youngs is one of the more interesting and prolific experimental artists on the UK scene right now, and on this here EP he's giving us four more long songs of his trademark weirdness. With mysterious album art on which the only text is the name of the label it's released on, this al...view item »

Richard Youngs
Regions of the Old School

Prolific experimental songwriter Richard Youngs is back once again this week, and this time he’s done a double album, with some compositions extended to marathon length. One such example is opener ‘Insomniac Takeover’ - an entire side of maddening feedback, hand drums and grindingly repetitive vocals, giving the feverish interm...view item »

Richard Youngs
Amplifying Host

Now on his billionth album, Scottish minimal folk master and vegan cookbook author Richard Youngs returns with more excellent if jarring work. Having listened to roughly one in three of Youngs's albums it seems whichever style he chooses he throws in the odd curve-ball to stop the albu...view item »

Richard Youngs

Richard Youngs started recording Belief (which really is his 140-somethingth album) by capturing field recordings and turning them into programmed beats. I say ‘field recordings’ but it seems he may not have left his house - radio interference, extractor fan, old cymbal etc. What began as an art project turned into a...view item »

Richard Youngs
This Is Not A Lament

Guest-strewn double album from prolific master of all known forms of experimental music. Richard Youngs drafts in Oren Ambarchi, Simon Wickham-Smith, Neil Campbell, Alasdair Roberts and others for a true opus of improvised sound with each track named after a geographic location only the artists know.  ...view item »

Neil Campbell & Richard Youngs
Six Scores

Somewhere in a suburban drawing room two men of advancing years decided on a musical project like no other. Each would write music for the other to play then they would put it all together without the other hearing what the other had done. I think I got that right -- I'm as confused as you are. Anyway anything featuring these two former ...view item »

Richard Youngs
The Rest Is Scenery

Perpetual experimentalist and underground national treasure Richard Youngs has written each of the songs of The Rest Is Scenery around just one chord, because why the hell not? He wants it to be possible for anyone to cover these songs with just the slightest of ...view item »

Richard Youngs
Unicorns Everywhere

Hot on the heels of that amazing 7 disc No Fans Compendium is another serving of fresh new Richard Youngs material, this time on the Sonic Oyster label! “Unicorns Everywhere” declares Youngs determinedly, and quite right too. We are informed that these are protest songs, You...view item »

Richard Youngs
Varispeed Etudes

Richard Youngs experimental take on music is exemplified on Varispeed Etudes - and album of two halves which is tied together by the varispeed pitch control used with reel-to-reel tapes. Side one shows his warped electronica experiments, over-laid with his distinctive english vocals whilst side two contains shorter, ato...view item »

Richard Youngs
Inside the Future

Releases from Richard Youngs are always welcome. The last year or so has seen a D-beat punk record, an instrumental tapestry record, a hardcore 4LP electronics box-set with Luke Fowler, among much else. But Inside The Future is a return to his Jagjaguwar-style song-based records, a sensitive collection ...view item »

Richard Youngs
Red Alphabet in the Snow

This time around, experimental everyman Richard Youngs goes for one of his more traditional approaches -- 'Red Alphabet In The Snow' concentrates on acoustic arrangements based around guitars and banjo, while supplementing it with a lot of instruments that help build instrumental folk soundscapes. It's split into two long-form songs that clock a...view item »

Richard Youngs
No Fans Compendium

Who likes Richard Youngs? I'm told that it's Richard Youngs fans, who have dealt with a lot of sound experiments in their time: beyond the sometimes sprawling, sometimes internalised folk music, they've listened to D-beat and minimal, plus some tape stuff. All of it's good, in its way, and No Fans Compendium ...view item »

Richard Youngs
Primary Concrete Attack

'PCA' is supposedly a result of filmaker/artist friend Luke Fowler throwing down the gauntlet to Mr. Youngs, challenging him to make a dub album. Apparently Richard Youngs isn't a fan of reggae or dub. Hilarity ensues. This is one curious recording from our favourite eclectic and prolific outsider folk/experimental musician. Eight tracks...view item »

Richard Youngs
Summer Wanderer

The last Richard Youngs record I reviewed only came out last week - a collaborative 7" EP of minimal electronic pop with Andrew Paine. The prolific experimental songster is back already, though, with this limited 'Summer Wanderer' LP where he sings three lengthy a capella tracks. It's quite a meditative style he's adopting here, with his...view item »

Richard Youngs
Calmont Breakdown

The ever-prolific Richard Youngs keeps on churning them out as he, to the surprise of nobody at all, brings out another album this week. It’s my challenge to tell you about it. Well, it gets going in a bubbling and chaotic way with layers of fractured electronic loops that wash over you in a somewhat ...view item »

Richard Youngs
Summer Through My Mind

Summer Through My Mind is part of an informal series of albums in which a label owner dares the infinitely marvellous Richard Youngs to make a record in a certain style. Here the label is Ba Da Bing, and the genre is Country, but of course Youngs does not play it wholly straight. Highlights include &lsq...view item »

Richard Youngs
Barbed Wire Explosion In The Kingdom Of Atlantis

When you put the needle on a Richard Youngs record you really have no idea what you are going to get. I half expected to be attacked by a nest of vipers, or slathered in salad cream, such is the element of surprise. For a man who, with ‘Sapphie...view item »

Richard Youngs

Another rather brilliant and interesting recording here from wee R. Youngs who I’m assuming is there gracing his own sleeve in a photo from his more youthful days, looking like he’s just been to see The ...view item »

Andrew Paine & Richard Youngs
Rotten Masters EP

A noisy effort from these two experimental pillars. It’s three tracks of scree which resembles a Napalm Death concert taking place in a padded cell. It’s saved from unlistenability by wild scattershot beats and eer...view item »

Annelies Monsere & Richard Youngs
three:four split series volume 3

On this edition of three:four's split series we have a 10" with a big photo of a cat's face on the front cover. Quite the cutie it is too. Not only that, but there's a 10" vinyl disc inside from which, with the correct equipment, you will be able to listen to the latest offerings from Annelies Monsere and Richard Youngs. Monsere's side conta...view item »

Richard Youngs
Core To The Brave

Richard Youngs seems to be constantly making records. The man is a record making machine! 'Core To The Brave' is as eccentric and wild as anything I've heard him knock out in times past and sees his very Greg Lake-esque vocal drift upon an ocean of gnarly blown-out bass grooves and elect...view item »

Richard Youngs & Luke Fowler
Yellow Gardens

Another cracking seven here, a collaboration between Youngs and Fowler who’ve decided to experiment with modular synthesis and experimental rhythmic excursions. This first side, ‘Yellow Gardens’ I think, ...view item »

Richard Youngs
Beyond The Valley of Ultrahits

Aw man, I really wanted to hear this when the (long sold-out and now highly sought-after) Sonic Oyster CDr came out a year or so back but somehow I never quite got around to it. Everyone and their mum was banging on about how this veteran of the UK underground had finally made a record in thrall to his most overtly pop side and how it was totall...view item »

Various (Alasdair Roberts, James Yorkston, Richard youngs etc.)
Migrating Bird Sampler

Richard Youngs
River Through Howling Sky

Richard Youngs? He's an odd chop who's quite prolific having released at least 2 or 3 million albums by now. We have his new one in now on Jagjaguwar and it's 4 long tracks of blissed out psychedelic folk. It's very odd in places and I think the easiest way to describe it is somewhere between Patrick P...view item »

Richard Youngs
Atlas of Hearts

Youngseh. I love Youngseh, me. I've been especially loving that Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits since Jagjaguwar did the world a favour and reissued it for those who missed out first time.. 'Radio Innocents', like - blinding! As far as the super broad scope of his various works go I reckon I'd describe this new one as mostly being somewhere betwe...view item »

Richard Youngs
Like a Neuron

'Like a Neuron' is a new LP from legendary underground lad Richard Youngs and when we put it on this morning it slapped our faces with surprise. Maybe the gnarly sleeve should have served as a warning.. All the stuff I've heard under his own name is ace and weird folky stuff but this one's chock full of amazing rhythmically instrumental psychedelic...view item »

Richard Youngs & Andrew Paine
Guide To Music

These chaps are super busy releasing loads of releases to keep your ears filled with experimental music of the highest order. The most recent addition to the Sonic Oyster family is a CD by Richard Youngs and Andrew Paine called 'Guide To Music'. I'd like to think this is their guide to music and will be taught in schools. One day! Anyhoo this is pr...view item »

Richard Youngs
Autumn Response

In which our hero Richard Youngs records two different takes of each song on the record, and overlays them on top of each other. The result is captivating, Youngs’ delicate folkish songs sometimes clashing, sometimes harmonising, sometimes echoing each other. Seriously, this record could have been a car cr...view item »

Richard Youngs
Airs of The Ear

Totally gorgeous work from Richard Youngs, as can be reliably expected from his Jagjaguwar albums. Airs Of The Ear is 100% Youngs, but it sounds like the work of a full band, with instrumental textures all over the place, forming grand arrangements which swirl around (and occasionally engulf) the centra...view item »

Richard Youngs & Stephen Todd

Richard Youngs & Alex Nielson
Partick Rain Dance

Richard Youngs & Simon Wickham Smith
Metallic Sonatas 1-15 (March 1998)

Richard Youngs

A classic work of outsider-minimalism (just ask Alan Licht), and also one of the very first records in Richard Youngs’ behemoth of a back catalogue. Advent is predominantly formed of an endlessly, hauntingly repeated piano melody, accompanied by paranoid vocals, then pained clarinet, then crashing...view item »

Richard Youngs & Simon Wickham Smith