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Damien Jurado & Richard Swift
Other People's Songs Volume One

Damien Jurado and Richard Swift first worked together on Jurado’s Saint Bartlett album. Since then they’ve formed an artistically successful partnership and recorded Jurado’s Maraqopa trilogy of albums. Around the time they first met, they recorded a bunch of covers together on a 4-track, rewo...view item »

Richard Swift
Ground Trouble Jaw

Record Store Day 2015 release from Richard Swift: we’ve got a few copies left if you want to snap one up! Totally spot-on songs in a Motown-via-the-present-day style. Ground Trouble Jaw was first released only digitally, but thankfully can now be heard on a vinyl record. 12” EP on Secretly Canadian....view item »

Richard Swift
Walt Wolfman

Richard Swift has produced a lot of really well received records without properly catching my ear. From the opening chords here, you know you are dealing with someone who knows what they are doing. It sounds not unlike a chirpier, less beer sodden Richard Hawley. With the jingling sounds...view item »

Richard Swift
The Atlantic Ocean

With The Atlantic Ocean, Swift continues his surprisingly catchy oeuvre after the subtle yet very quality Dressed Up For the Letdown. The Atlantic Ocean is a bit more up-tempo, comprised of a weird yet intriguing inclusion of electronica weaving in between an omnipresent piano, lonely horn section, crunchy guitar and banjo ensemble. For me, the ...view item »

Richard Swift
Richard Swift As Onassis

It's hard to take Richard Swift seriously at face value. He looks kinda like Jack Black and has a similar cheekiness in his music. Also like Black, once you hear how adept he is as a musician you're likely to be surprised. This one is on the raw side, relative to production value - this fact might throw a few listeners off, but when you get your...view item »

Richard Swift
The Songs of National Freedom

Now Richard Swift with Songs of National Freedom which is a poppy piano led bouncer with Beatles sounding bass in the style of Luke Toms. Maybe a young spunky Billy Joel (shut up he's chuffing great!!??). A proper pop tune as my mamma would say. B side is a instrumental with synths leading the melody and chuggin' bass in the vein of the theme music...view item »

Richard Swift
Dressed Up For The Letdown

The most immediately noticeable thing about Richard Swift's is the Paul McCartney style production, perhaps filtered through Emitt Rhodes, "The Songs Of National Freedom" is similar to Rhodes "With My Face On The Floor". Then you notice the Marc Bolan-ish vocal styling, part...view item »

Richard Swift
Kisses For The Misses

RICHARD SWIFT's new 7" is rather fantastically titled Kisses For The Misses. His last album on Secretly Canadian was great.... he has a new album due soon called Dressed Up The Letdown which I'm guessing (after hearing this) is going down a more commercial 'Mojo' route. For those who don't know him he's ...view item »

Richard Swift
Beautiful Heart

RICHARD SWIFT is some dude who sits around makes proper grown up music along the lines of Richard Hawley. Timeless sincere music for old people and for miseries like me who can't get enough of it. I tell you. This ain't his strongest tune but that last album he did is ace. I heard it once and ended up taking it home for further...view item »