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Richard Hawley & Ollie Trevers
Funny Cow (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

'Funny Cow' looks like it's going to be a great film. It stars Maxine Peake and is filmed in Saltaire. What could go wrong? Nothing especially as the soundtrack has been composed by that lord of northern English melancholy Richard Hawley. Corinne Bailey Rae and Ollie Trevers also contribute but this is mostly H...view item »

Richard Hawley
Richard Hawley

This is Richard's Hawley's first solo album after a varied carreer in Pulp, Longpigs and others. The story goes that Hawley was sat backstage strumming one of his lovely songs when he was overheard by John Power out of Cast who said something like "what the fook are you doing with those set of bell ends when you should be doing this" or words to...view item »

Richard Hawley
I Still Want You

Mmmmm, drink in that rich baritone… Richard Hawley is in full-on grizzled romantic mode for I Still Want You, a single taken from his recent Hollow Meadows album. He continues to pull off the trick of sounding totally classic without being regressive. The only thing that lets down this 7” is the ve...view item »

Richard Hawley
Heart Of Oak

Everyone’s favourite Sheffield rock-songcrafter Richard Hawley has a new album forthcoming, titled Hollow Meadows. To preview it, we have this single, Heart Of Oak, which has the poetic croon and the stylish guitar you’d expect from Hawley. The B-side is exclusive to this 7” t...view item »

Richard Hawley
Hollow Meadows

Sheffield’s favourite classic-style rock singer-songwriter Richard Hawley returns to your stereos with Hollow Meadows, album number eight in his oeuvre. Hawley broods and ponders on mature subject matter, backed by arrangements both richly orchestral and grittily direct (especially when Ha...view item »

Richard Hawley
Lady's Bridge

Richard Hawley the Sheffield crooner is here with his new album Lady's Bridge on mute. Lie back, Kick back and get transported through to a time of buttered scones and kindly smiles. (think Nick Berry from Heart beat). With a voice like velvet and the backing of a full orchestra we are treated to a bevy of cultured tunes that would get your granny ...view item »

Richard Hawley

Richard Hawley's soft but always commanding voice is the centrepiece of 'Lowedges', a record of gentle, carefully crafted chamber pop that brings together Wilco-esque drumming, country twang and an almost ambient approach to making rock 'n' roll. With his brooding and crooning, along with all the musicians ornamenting him, Hawley recalls ar...view item »

Richard Hawley
Down In The Woods

At my other job (yup, the payola from biggin’ up the latest smash releases don’t fund my Greek yoghurt obsession) I work with a guy called Richard Hawley, the polar opposite of his namesake, a clean cut, businessman type. It just seems so wrong when people mention his name. Th...view item »

Richard Hawley
Standing At The Sky's Edge

“Standing At The Sky’s Edge” is Richard Hawley’s biggest, most ambitious album to date. There are no understated songs here, Hawley used the power that a full band can give. “She Brings The Sunlight” fades in slowly to start the album with Beatles-esque sitar sounds winding...view item »

Richard Hawley
Tonight The Streets Are Ours

After listening to the Liars it's almost unbelievable to think that crooner Richard Hawley 'Tonight The Streets Are Ours' is out on the same label. Such is the diversity of Mute. An independent musical institution if ever there was one. It's not my thing at all this but it's good for what it is. Phil and I are reminded of The Divine Comedy and Elvi...view item »

Richard Hawley
False Lights From The Land EP

Now for something much better. First of all this EP just screams quality. Four songs, three previously unreleased on wonderful 10" vinyl and inside theres a CD version so you can shove it on your Itunes. The opener 'Remorse Code' is taken from his intermittently brilliant 'Trueloves Gutter' album and is a slow burning treat. The second track 'Sh...view item »

Richard Hawley
Coles Corner / Can You Hear The Rain Love?

I do love his music; it was really inspirational. That is why many are getting over his music because most of it were cool and soothing to hear. ...view item »

Richard Hawley

what a great song, and a very funny video to go with it all so very true ...view item »

Richard Hawley
Born Under A Bad Sign

The king of crooners Richard Hawley is back with a new single called Born Under A bad Sign (not the Cream cover mind you...).... it's both very Richard and Hawley.... CD features a video and the 7" is numbered of 1000........view item »

Richard Hawley
Late Night Final

Ah 'Late Night Final'. Am I the only man north of Worksop to think that this is Richard Hawley's finest work? Probably. I sorta went off him a bit after this as he got stuck a little too fast in the chugalong 50's throwback Roy Orbison croonings. This has everything. Sparse weepers, gorgeous instrumentals, Lambchop-like soothing pop, its al...view item »

Richard Hawley
Low Edges

I saw Roy Orbison on telly the other week. After thinking he was pretty crap for years and years (probably due to my dad's habit of playing his albums over and over again throughout my childhood - see also: Bruce Springsteen) I suddenly realised he's probably pretty good. Maybe Richard Hawley...view item »

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