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REQ & Smudge
Smudge's Coffee

Ian Cassar, an icon(oclast)ic beatmaker, producer and graffiti artist known better by his alias REQ, returns to vinyl after almost two decades. On this four-track collaboration EP Smudge’s Coffee, made with fellow producer Smudge, he hits the high-points of his legendary output with the Warp and Skint labels of the Nineties. 

REQ / Rob Euroh

Brighton-based producer, DJ and graffiti artist REQ AKA Ian Cassar and turntablist Rob Euroh were part of the TDK crew which stood for The Dusty Knights or Tea Drinkers Crew, depending on who you ask. The name was also a famous brand of cassette that a significant part of many people's collection existed on back in the day. The cassette album goes back to the 90s - early ‘00s featuring evocative b-boy, lino breakdancing stuff alongside some high energy dancefloor bangers.
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Tape Transport: 1994​-​2000

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Car Paint Scheme

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