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Possessed By The Rise Of Magik

Ramesses mixes up a effervescent slab of sludge death/doom with their third full-length, Possessed by the Rise of Magik. This is the sort of heavy metal that can take the calm air in a room and immediately suck the life from it in short time. A few seconds into “Invisible Ritual”, and it does just that and from that point on, there's...view item »

Dead Witches

Forming member of Electric Wizard and Ramesses gives Mark Greening all the qualifications needed to set up a truly awe inspiring doom project, so teaming up with Virginia Monti of Psychedelic Witchcraft they finally shed some candlelight over their new gloomy, g...view item »

Misanthropic Alchemy

Ramesses' 1st full length expands the occult doom of their earlier EP's to include more dynamics and textures without sacrificing any grit. This is a great Heavy Doom Album, full of evil menacing guitar riffs and fantastic death like vocals mixed in with some clean as well. I really loved Electric Wizards early work with the original members who...view item »

Take The Curse

I first heard of Ramesses after asking a friend of mine who loves sludge and doom metal for recommendations on the genres. The first band he said was Ramesses, followed by Acid Witch. I can say that Ramesses was a great addition to the music I listen to. This new record just proves that they can do so much with their music and it's an amazing th...view item »

Chrome Pineal

In a dark corner of the shire of Dorset, something truly wicked stirs. From a goblet of blood and a shrine of dead crows a beast has been awoken after a thousand years. Its name is Ramesses. It has lain dormant for centuries and been summoned by the worshipers at the altar into this cold and callous world. Its o...view item »