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You ever heard of this band called Radiohead? They’re pretty good; I think you might like them. They made good, hooking post-Britpop before they forever maybe changed the world with the futurist schematics of OK Computer. Wounded deeply by the more »

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A Moon Shaped Pool

Hello. Thom. It's me. The Radioheadmaster. Your teachers and I are all becoming a little concerned with your workrate. We all agree you're spending a little too much time on BitTorrent and not enough time on your studies. As such we're decided it's best you repeat the fourth grade -- I trust a second attempt at "True Love Waits", "Identikit" and...view item »

Jonny Greenwood

As well as being in enormous miseries Radiohead,  Jonny Greenwood (as well also as having the floppiest hair on the planet) has his own soundtrack biz. This is his debut soundtrack from 2003 and in it he fuses experimental music, jazz, electronic and classical music. It has now been re-issued in a gatefold sty...view item »

Kid A

Kid A is still Radiohead's most challenging album and the furthest they've headed into electronic textures but it's all the better for it. The band channelled the sounds they were hearing on records by the likes of Autechre and applied them to their own sound. Such a different beast from OK Computer b...view item »

Jonny Greenwood
You Were Never Really Here (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Mr. Music aka Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood has coughed up another small masterpiece here. This time he’s done it on cue for director Lynne Ramsey in order to score his new film You Were Never Really Here, and he’s also enlisted the help of Oliver Coates...view item »

OK Computer - OKNOTOK 1997-2017

If you happen to be a fan of this album then here’s something you might want to get your mitts on. The whole album remastered plus the B sides from the singles of the time plus the holy grail for Radiohead fans,  three unreleased and long sought after tracks dug out of the vaults. All formats have all the b...view item »

Jonny Greenwood
Phantom Thread (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Here we are again with the dream team combo of super-director Paul Thomas Anderson and soundtracker Jonny Greenwood, who has proven to be an extremely capable avant-leaning orchestral composer over his previous three Anderson soundtracks. Phantom Thread is remarkably lush and rich, as b...view item »

TKOL RMX 1234567

Radiohead are a band you either love or hate. I guess you could call me the office fan though really nothing they've done has really grabbed me as much as Kid A and especially Amnesiac. Shifting on a few years and a coupla albums they've decided to work with some of most cutting edge elec...view item »

Pablo Honey

Pablo Honey is not one of Radiohead's later, more complex, and what their egotistical "true fans" like to call their most "intellectual" album. Big deal. Get over it. I love Kid A and OK Computer just as much as anyone else, but Radiohead had to start somewhere and Pablo Honey seems just the perfect place. I've heard that the band regrets writin...view item »

I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings

I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings is the sound of the mighty Radiohead touring their Kid A and Amnesiac albums circa 2001. The more electronic tunes get spun out into some beautiful expanded shapes (8 minute version of ‘Everything In Its Right Place’!) and until recently, this was the only ...view item »

OK Computer

What? This album isn't already reviewed? HOW? Basically it's hard to talk about this album briefly, Radiohead broke new ground in a big way with this truly their magnum opus. Tracks like "Street Spirit" and "Planet Telex" hinted at the coming of 'OK Computer', but no one would have expected that the pop-rockers who produced "Cree...view item »

Philip Selway
Let Me Go

This is the third solo album from the Radiohead drummer but differs from his previous albums in that this is the soundtrack to the film drama Let Me Go. Mirroring the film's haunted nature the soundtrack is made up from melancholic strings and piano alongside more unusual instruments such as musical saw and glockenspiel. ...view item »

Thom Yorke
Tomorrow's Modern Boxes

Originally released 5 seconds ago, here's a white vinyl luxury re-issue of the album Thom originally released on Bit Torrent in his latest attempt to re-badge the music industry. The music on record makes no such grand statements, comprised of some of Yorke's most minimal and quiet electronic work yet, continuing his descent from dramatic synth ...view item »

Live From The Basement

Even if you weren't in favour of Radiohead abandoning the atmospheric rock music present on In Rainbows for the loopy and rhythmically abundant songs in The King of Limbs, one does have to wonder how they could pull it off live. The beloved Oxford rockers are back in the basement to show off their ridiculous skill...view item »

The King Of Limbs

Who the hell are these weird bastards? I've obviously no eye for art as I love the sleeve for this album - some sort of amorphous jellyfish ghosts in some psychedelic woodland setting. But everyone else here thinks it sucks. 'TKOL' has divided opinion like every Radiohead album does. It's not experimental enough for the chin strokers & is a ...view item »

Little By Little (Caribou Remix) / Lotus Flower (Jacques Greene remix)

A superb twitchy version of "Little by Little" by Caribou (Canadian artist Dan Snaith) completely removes the sinister guitar and introduces tinkling keyboards, voice loops and pulsating micro beats. The real surprise package however comes from the mix of the relative unknown producer Jacques Greene of "Lotus flower...view item »

Good Morning Mr Magpie / Bloom RMX

The loops, the bass, the polyrhythms... 'King of Limbs' was almost made for artists to remix. And there are a plethora of them around from notable artists to teenagers with a basic knowledge of protools. This is the second in a series of remixes for this album and is one of my personal favourites. Nathan Fake takes on the frantic and syncopated ...view item »


I don't know about you but I love being nude. Fashionable clothes are for people with not enough personality to carry them which is why they feel the need to over compensate with clothes. Well that's what I think though it could be jealousy as your local tramp will look more like he's walked off a Paris catwalk then I ever would. There's no prete...view item »

Jigsaw Falling Into Place

And talking of Radiohead, here's Jigsaw Falling into Place. The new single and 1st for XL and I was so wanting Mingus to review this. It's kinda strummy, dreamy Radiohead by numbers with an impassioned wail from Tom York and some nifty guitars over a drumbeat played on some drums that goes really nicely with the strummed guitars. This is what all t...view item »

Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android is undoubtedly the song you show to anyone who truly does not appreciate the musical excellency of Radiohead. Inspired by the Beatles White Album classic "Happiness is a Warm Gun" Paranoid Android is most easily recognised for it's seamless transitioning of sections a...view item »

The Best Of

EMI continue to plunder the depths of the Radiohead back catalogue with a new retrospective called 'The Best of'. Catchy. It does what it says on the tin mind you. Available on 4LP box set (looks lovely), 2 CD (limited edition with bonus disc available for a short time only apparently) and a DVD featuring loads of their infamous pop videos. Not rea...view item »

Hail To The Thief

Radiohead’s ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ album, Hail to the Thief saw the obstinate Oxonians leaving behind a fair bit of the bleakness of the Kid A and Amnesiac period in favour of a lighter, rockier style. With fourteen songs altogether pushing an hour, it’s a wobbly fell...view item »

In Rainbows

OK it's a reasonably well known fact that I'm a bit of a Radiohead fanboy. I think pretty much all of their output with the exception of the 1st album which is shit has been really strong and each album has taken them a step forwards in some way. The music has progressed and they got to the ridiculously confident point of following OK Computer (wid...view item »

Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Various
Help EP

Compiled in 1995 as a charity album for war-torn areas at the time, a myriad of popular artists recorded music specifically for this release. This EP samples the album's 4 best: Radiohead's "Lucky", PJ Harvey's "50 Foot Queenie" (LIVE), Guru's "Momentum" and finally an untitled track by synthy experimental group Portishead. For me the song that ...view item »


If I've had a particularly rough night out and suffer the almost-ritual of unbearable Sundays where coffee and cigarettes get abused in an effort to deal with the brutality, I find myself reaching out to Amnesiac. I have a friend who does the same and we've discussed that Amnesiac acts as a therapeutic gift for times when you need to clear your ...view item »

Pyramid Song

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My Iron Lung

Somewhat forgotten in the Radiohead back catalogue, perhaps due to the brilliance of 'The Bends', which closely followed the EP's release, 'My Iron Lung' is a collection of some of the best B-Sides any band could record. Kicking off with the familiar "My Iron Lung", it sets the scene for the many moods that are present on this. "The Trickst...view item »