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Before we knew what neo-classical even was there was Rachel’s. The band emerged from the fertile Louiseville scene (see also Slint, Will Oldham) but were completely different in almost every way from their contemporaries.  It was quite the coinci...read more »

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Rachel Grimes
The Way Forth

Rachel Grimes, once of chamber-rock group, Rachel’s, has written a folk opera that highlights the experiences of women in Kentucky from 1775 onwards. The Way Forth is a sprawling, nonlinear work, twisting through time was inspired by photos, documents and letters that allowed her to piece together a story 


This is the first Rachel's album and I remember thinking at the time "why are these former members of Rodan and Hulahoop playing classical music"? I didn't understand back then what it was but I knew I liked it. Then came 'Music For Egon Schiele' and it was obvious something quite special was going on. But this is where it started  - totally beautiful, unique music that is here to stay.    


Selenography (the study of the moon's surface since you ask) was the fourth album by Louisville chamber/neo-classical collective Rachel's. It is another stunning statement from the band incorporating samples and electronics into their ever evolving sound which also takes in post-rock and modern composition. Stunning, thought provoking music. 

The Sea and The Bells

The Sea and The Bells was Rachel's third album and contains less of the pure chamber music beauty of its predecessor Music For Egon Shiele and more of an experimental post-rock sound that saw the trio incorporate drums, bass and guitar for the first time. It's a fascinating, sometimes impenetrable listen that helps pave the way for the modern neo-classical, post minimalism movement. 

Music For Egon Schiele

Music For Egon Schiele, the second LP from the influential chamber music group Rachel’s, was first released in 1996 on Quarterstick Records. This set was conceived to score a play about the famous painter, and as such there is a fitting classical stateliness to these compositions. Brahms and Ravel are brought to mind across Music For Egon Schiele.