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Different Class

Following the recent renewal of interest in Britpop comes the reissue of Pulp's widely revered 1995 LP 'Different Class'. Pressed onto 180g vinyl, this special issue comes with an insert featuring Cocker's bitingly deft lyrics. Alluding to society and the British class system, 'Different Class' was defiantly of its time, but still resonates toda...view item »

His 'n' Hers

Pulp's His & Hers is the first 'classic era' Pulp album and definitely one of their best. Jarvis Cocker is firing on all cylinders here with his trademark lyrical wit and backed by some of Pulp's catchiest tunes. Joyriders, Lipgloss, Babies and Do You Remember the First Time all on one album, that's incredi...view item »

We Love Life

Pulp closed off their excellent recording career, and arguably the Britpop era as a whole, with We Love Life. It contains the singles ‘Bad Cover Version’, ‘Sunrise’ and ‘The Trees’, and it was produced by none other than Scott Walker! This Island Records reissue puts ...view item »

Jarvis Cocker & Chilly Gonzales
Room 29

How about this for a team-up: witty Pulp man Jarvis Cocker and multi-faceted German entertainer Chilly Gonzales (and on Serious-Proper-Classical-Music-Label Deutsche Grammophon too!). Room 29 is a theatre piece the two devised about a certain famous Hollywood hotel room, complete with s...view item »

Party Clowns - Live In London 1991

I am admittedly a late-comer to Pulp, but I *love* Different Class and His 'n Hers, and enjoy This is Hardcore and We Love Life. I have to say I loved listening to this live performance. You get a real sense of the room, of that particular moment. Jarvis's personality really comes through both in his singing and in talking to the audience in bet...view item »

After You

Pulp have always been fantastic storytellers. "After You" is no exception. I wasn't sure what to expect from a song that was originally conceived in 2001 and released years later. But have no fear, Jarvis Cocker's ability to entertain with a clever lyric accompanied by the band's driving pop/disco beats and melody was still in top form. Like an ...view item »


Separations isn't sophisticated, but the music doesn't suffer as a result of this. What's possibly disappointing about the album is that Jarvis's lyrics seem a bit too sincere, but they're not nearly as clever as, say, the touching, beautifully observed portraits of women you get on His n Hers. Still they're better than most bands' lyrics. It's ...view item »


Well, it may sound absolutely nothing like anything else the band's ever done, but this really isn't a terrible album. There's a kind of charming innocence about it that we haven't seen in any of their later work (no irony here), and while the songs aren't exactly awe-inspiring, tunes like My Lighthouse, Joking Aside, and Love Love are good enou...view item »

Blue, Suede, Oasis, Pulp, Various
Live Forever

This Is Hardcore

Perhaps the most unexpectedly honest of Pulp's canon, This Is Hardcore is a very, very strange record. It lacks the ephemeral but undeniable charm of the undeniable and loudly POP first two Island records, but adds a far deeper layer to the early '90s incarnations of Jarvis Cocker's lustful moanings. The Bowie influence is obvious (this would be...view item »

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