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Spills Out

These Brooklynites have fused drum-driven noise records (opener `School Glue') with 60's melodies, almost Wilco like. Even though there is a song called `Zombies' on the album the legendary sixties band influenced the mellifluous `The Hole Night'. Stellar work with multivocals add more layers of sound, especially over the distorted bass line in ...view item »

Oneida & Pterodactyl
The Green Corridor I

OK I'm not massively familiar with either artist here. I've  heard a bit of Oneida here and there but I wouldn't say I was an expert. We scored these from Altin Village and they've been sat hidden in the office for a week until I salvaged them as I wanted to hear it. The Oneida side is 2 tracks of ambience and drone.... that is until th...view item »


Not heard Pterodactyl before. I've seen pterodactyls in cages at the Natural History Museum though. And T-rex's. I fed a stegosaurus once in America too. And I've got every Playstation game ever and two hundred footballs and my dad's got a Ferrari. Apprently Vice reckons these are like a 'gay Lightning Bolt' which sounds amazing to me, I'd love to ...view item »


I've been looking and looking for this album for a good long while! I listened to these guys ages ago on some music channel but forgot their name. Their strange sound always stuck with me though. I'm surprised no one else has reviewed this. Pterodactyl is an odd band. In the good way. Their guitars are noisy, the drums are all over and one of th...view item »