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What Makes Us Glow

Frequently straddling just the right side of the line between clever and annoying, Psapp have occasionally produced moments of real inspiration over their decade or so existence. Their brand of quirky toy instrument influenced pop music has proved popular enough for them to provide the theme tune to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ amongst oth...view item »

Wet Salt

Here’s the latest single from indietronic-pop duo Psapp, who also have an album out this week. On the A side we’ve got ‘Wet Salt’, which mixes tinkly calypso rhythms with a bright synth melody and silky almost Saint Etienne-ish vocals. You probably know the s...view item »

Murcof, Colleen, Psapp, Caribou, Various
Check The Water

Leaf Records is ten years old and to celebrate this remarkable phenomenon they have branched out and released a cheap as chips double CD of selected music from their 10 years of being. So spread over the 2 discs you have Boymerang, Susumu Yokota, Four Tet, Caribou, Murcof, Colleen, Psapp, Efterklang, Boom Bip, 310, Icarus, Bill Wells...view item »

The Camel's Back

Psapp I really like. They're on their 3rd album now, I think, and it's another move forward sonically. They've started to really indulge themselves with the calypso/lounge/jazz side of things, no longer sounding like a lady-led Tunng. This new album 'The Camel's Back' starts with the sexy, swinging 'I Want That' which I could see setting the scene ...view item »

Franz Ferdinand, Psapp, Hood
Hallam Foe OST

V/A: "Hallam Foe", Original Soundtrack (Domino) It's a soundtrack to a film I haven't seen but it begins with Orange Juice's seminal Post-Punk pre indie-pop classic 'Blue Boy'. There's also contributions from King Creosote, Junior Boys, Hood, Juana Molina, James Yorkston, Cinema amongst others. I think maybe the exclusive is Franz Ferdina...view item »

The Monster Song

Psapp are instantly recoginisable. Like your mum or dad.... faces you tend to not forget. Stick 'em on and you know straight away that Psapp are making their noise in your ears. I do like this band. They're what I term an experimental indie band and there's not too many of 'em about these days. They string together great little ditties which sound ...view item »

Tiger My Friend

Domino have re-released the out of print debut album by Psapp 'Tiger My Friend' in sexual digipack stylings. Well it's as sexfull as a CD can be. Where's me vinyl Domino?? Anyway Psapp make the purest pop indie music which consists of Brazillian percussive beats, toys and some melty sweet melodies. I defy anyone to come up with a better line than t...view item »


PSAPP have gone and released 'Hi' as a single which was one of the highlights of the 'The Only Thing I Ever Wanted' long player. It's utterly infectious with its super catchy melodies and quirky percussion. It's difficult to pinpoint the vibe of this track, it has almost a latin or calypso feel to it and the Marimba is great. Phil reck...view item »

The Only Thing I Ever Wanted

the new Psapp album that I've played 4 times now in 2 days. Am starting to drive everyone mad I fear. This is superb. Really really good in fact. I thought the last album was good but they seem to be getting better and better. It's a great week here with this, Tunng and Seeland. Finally some good records out!! If you're a f...view item »


Still on Domino's big musical wheelbarrow of fun is their first release by Psapp formerly of Arable Records. To me this is a record that would fit in with what Domino were releasing about 8-10 years ago in the days of Pram, Movietone, 3rd Eye Foundation, Hood etc (thankfully Hood are still going!). So i...view item »