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This Heavy Heart

4 tracks from Pris here, his first release on Avian after past outings on Opal Tapes and Pris’ own Resin label. This Heavy Heart is suitably thoughtful and melancholy, with some stretches of sheer beatless ambience. But for parts of this 12”, the music is pitch-perfect for sad dancing: cold stares jostling to the propulsive beat.

For a Better Understanding

Resin label head Pris returns with three new tracks of hypnotic, meditative techno on this latest 12’’ release ‘For a Better Understanding’. The A side features two tracks, both of which explore the contrast of dark and bright sounds on each track respectively while the B side’s ‘Devil In The Detail’ is a flowing, percussive drum track.

A Shot Across The Bows

Although still only young, Resin has already shown itself to be a home for left-of-centre techno, with RSN002 & Metrist’s “The People Without” doing the rounds in 2014, “A Shot Across The Bows” carries this momentum with sheer force. “If She Bends She Breaks” sets the scene with a burst of percussion over a pummeling beat mixed with an ominous synth line. “St. Elmo’s Fire” is an unrelenting exercise in poly-rhythmical percussion whilst “If She Cracks She Bears” fires off with a haunting lead that builds until breaking point over a driving beat, closing off with the eerie “Echoes Of The Tundra” an intense workout of dark tribal drums splashed with an aggressive yet finely balanced synth line.

Bleaching Agent / Pris/ Divided & Manse

You see the label name Resin, and you think: this will surely be some heavily chilled bass-heavy couch lock friendly music. But you are wrong. You should look at the artist’s name, because Bleaching Agent really says it all. This cruel acid techno will cleanse your mind from whatever’s on it and leave you with nothing but huge pupils and stomping feet.
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