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Primal Scream
Give Out But Don't Give Up: The Original Memphis Recordings

So here’s how it went down - Primal Scream release Screamadelica in 1991. It's a barnstorming success and wins the band the inaugural Mercury Prize. Bobby Gillespie et al then decamp to the southern states of the U.S.A. to record follow-up Give Out But Don’t Give Up with t...view item »

Primal Scream
100% Or Nothing

They're not bad lads are they? Certainly Bobby and co are very happy with Anton Newcombe's mix of the '100% or Nothing' track which also features small shorted trio Haim. The lads describe it as slow and claustrophobic so even though if you asked me normally I'd prefer to hear nothing rather than 100% of Primal Screams music, I might make an exc...view item »

Primal Scream
Where The Light Gets In feat. Sky Ferreira

On Where the Light Gets In, grizzled psychedelic rockers Primal Scream join up with pop sensation Sky Ferreira. Together on this vinyl 7” from First International they make a groovy electro-rock full of funny little hooks and 1980s inspired synths. This is the first single...view item »

Primal Scream
Live In Japan

Live In Japan was recorded in 2002, which Primal Scream fans will know puts the band at the peak of their powers, following the releases of XTRMNTR and Evil Heat. Lots of that material appears here, played with aggressive vigour by a line-up that included Kevin Shields. Premium ...view item »

Primal Scream

Veteran funky-psych-rocking gang Primal Scream are back, with their 11th studio album to date. Titled Chaosmosis, the record seems to find Bobby Gillespie and his merry crew delving back into the sleek, tight grooves of some of their slickest past work. Released on the First International label as CD or...view item »

Primal Scream/ Suicide
Diamonds Furcoat, Champage/ Ghostrider

Here's another of those Suicide 10" things on Blast First Petite. This one is by Primal Scream and they cover 'Diamonds, Furcoat and Champage'. I've not really been a massive fan of Primal Scream over the years. I used to like Screamadelica but I can't really listen to it anymore and none of the other albums have really struck me. I quite like...view item »

Primal Scream
It's Alright, It's OK

It's Alright, It's OK is a single from Primal Scream’s tenth album More Light. Considering they’ve been going since 1982, they look alright. It’s like the years of hardcore drugs and booze has kept them in a form of weird suspended animation. Just like the idea for this Movin’ O...view item »

Primal Scream
More Light

I’ve never exactly been a Primal Scream sympathiser. I don’t know what it is about them...Gillespie’s lazily drawled delivery, the unsubtle baggy showboating, that awful MC5 collaboration? I don’t know, but they’ve always been a band that I’ve frustratingly failed to ...view item »

Primal Scream

It’s good to know that despite the drugs and excesses, Primal Scream are aware of what year it is. Being the kind of floppy fringed idiot who went off Primal Scream after ‘Crystal Crescent’ came out, I have viewed their career from a kind of bemused distance. Occasionally it seemed the...view item »

Primal Scream

What's the big deal with PRIMAL SCREAM. I just don't get it, they suck. Screamadelica apparently changed loads of peoples lives. I cant imagine how shit those peoples lives must have been for that record to improve it. I almost feel sorry for them. It's one of the most overrated albums ever. Anyway now they just want to be the Rolling...view item »

Mark Stewart / Primal Scream

I was just about to go on a rant generally pontificating as to how Primal Scream must be the longest serving purveyors of rubbish whilst simultaneously remaining phenomenally successful and more importantly 'cool' to the people who matter when I suddenly realised that I was quite enjoying ...view item »

Primal Scream & MC5
Black To Comm

Two "great" bands...together at last...collaborating on a piece of work that the New York Times called "...incendiary..." and I call "....pointless...". I never really gave Primal Scream the time, because I always thought they were shite. With the exception of one or two songs from "Vanishing Point" and that other one "...view item »

Primal Scream
Sometimes I Feel So Lonely

The third PRIMAL SCREAM single from the 'Riot City Blues' long player has just arrived. 'I Feel So Lonely' is probably the least offensive of the three singles. This looks like a bid for Christmas number one to me. It's proper lighters in the air stadium stuff. It's got that cry into your Bailey's depressing Christmas feel. The add...view item »

Primal Scream/ RTX
I Want You/ Natures Way

Good lord check out this Primal Scream/ RTX split 12"... The sleeve is well funny with Bobby and Jennifer in pencil drawing gracing each side of the sleeve... Its a cool sleeve actually, I think rock chick Jennifer Herrema actually did the artwork. I dig the rat holding a dreamcatcher... Awesome. Primal Scream lay down a cover of The Troggs' '...view item »

Primal Scream
Sonic Flower Groove

D’awww, it’s the first record from an apple-cheeked young Primal Scream! Sonic Flower Groove sounds almost exactly like its name, being a fey 80’s indie-boy production. Pretty good jangling though, not to mention the interest of hearing such an early version of the band. LP reissued by Rhino....view item »

Primal Scream
Can't Go Back

Actually quite like the new Primal Scream single too. It starts off like QOTSA (for 1 second) then becomes like The Killers crossed with Pixies. Whether this is good or terrible I dunno but Zane Lowe's probably gonna bab his keks when he hears this. 'Can't Go back' is designed to warm up festival crowds. It means nothing but is catchy, modern sound...view item »

Josef K, Primal Scream, Various
Indie Pop 1 sampler

The Rough Trade indie pop vol 1 sampler 7" is in. Featuring Juniper Moon, Primal Scream, Josef K and the very indie Aberfeldy. Very nice.... Though  Aberfeldy are more alt country to my ears than indie so why they are on there I do not know? Maybe the album didn't sell that well and Rough Trade are p...view item »

Lali Puna, Calexico, Primal Scream, Various
Pepperrd With Spastic Magic

I was firstly attracted by the artwork and surprised and a little suspicious to see it was not a Warp release. I was intrigued to see what TLS would make of remixing these commercial tracks such as Texas and Starsailor and quite frankly they are far more enjoyable than the original. As in usual TLS style, this is a sophisticated album pulsating ...view item »

Primal Scream, Irvine Welsh & On-U Sound
The Big Man And The Scream Team

Primal Scream

We’ve got reissue copies of Primal Scream’s seminal Screamadelica album to suit all tastes! As well as the 2CD and the heavyweight double vinyl editions (remastered by the band and Kevin Shields), we also have the 4CD version, which throws in remixes, the Dixie Narco EP and a live s...view item »

Primal Scream
Vanishing Point

Coming out three years after the bitterly received, heroin fuelled blues implosion that was 'Give Out But Don't Give Up' (I loved that record too never mind what others/critics say!), 'Vanishing Point' was a welcome return to form. Personally, I think it is better than anything Primal Scream ever did. Kicking off with the woozy psychedel...view item »