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O.K., Im to be a big fan of Portal. I've got a few of his early lo-fo home recording efforts that I've really enjoyed but I wasn't aware of how prolific his output has been until I began reviewing this e.p. It would appear that Portal have now returned from a brief hiatus to present us with 'Options'. This seems to be a concerted effort to evolve b...view item »

Gone But Not Forgiven

Some goodness in this week on Make Mine Music. This time it's by Portal and it's their final album as Portal (the title Gone But Not Forgotten may give that away....).  This is a collection of singles, live tunes and mixes (done by nice folks like Schengen, Epic 45 etc) and it's limited to 525 copies. A nice rou...view item »


Fans of twisted up black metal rejoice as Australia's bleakest export return for their fifth full length album. Expect the trademark buzzing shreds, leanings towards Psyopus and Crowpath, but a sound that further pushes the band into the kind of depraved obscurity that earned them their dimly gleaming reputation...view item »

V/Vm/ Portal

Finally in is the Earworm singles club 7" which is a split with V/Vm and Portal. The Portal track is a lovely piano thing which is more lovely than words can say. If I could fit lovely into one sentence more then I would do. After that you've got a more Portaly sounding track ...view item »


Portal make music very much in the same vein as Yellow 6, who incidently have a CD out this week as well.So I'll review 'em together. The Portal 'un is called 'Promise', is on Makemine Music, and visits the less dark end of the spectrum. A beauty resonates through these simple, yet...view item »

Portal/ Yellow 6

Yellow 6 are popping up on a split CD with Portal on Make Mine Music. Portal have 2 tracks, Yellow 6 have 2 tracks and theres 4 collaborations between Portal & Yellow 6. Its all much as you'd imagine - lovely dreamy guitar instrumentals. My favourite thoug...view item »