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Popular Workshop

For some reason this Popular Workshop red vinyl 7" has been sealed into its sleeve with blue gaffer tape. Rather than remove it and get all sticky glue marks on the sleeve with fluff and crap sticking to it I'll leave that to you good people and listen to 'Reptilians' on the band's myspace... Not a bad racket at all, prety solid use of repetit...view item »

Far Cries / Popular Workshop

I always like it when I hear a record that I'm expecting is going to make me want to eat my own ears doesn't make me want to eat my own ears... Do you ever get that? I've just had it with this here split 7" from THE FAR CRIES / POPULAR WORKSHOP. The Popular Workshop side is a free wheeling melodic indie meets post hardcore track th...view item »

Popular Workshop
We're Alive, And We're Not Alone

London based Popular Workshop have a very appropriate name. They sound fresh & busy with an emphasis on creating itchy, dynamic post hardcore pop songs built to stand repeated knocks...erm listens. They constantly impress me with their debut album 'We're Alive & Not Alone'. Steve Albini handles the engineers desk in his inimi...view item »

Popular Workshop
William, It Was Really Something/ Radical

'William. It Was Really Nothing' is a song  by The Smiths. 'William, It Was Really Something' is a song by Popular Workshop. It's true... anyone can make something out of nothing but you can't make nothing from something. Fuck I'm confused Anywhere here's some jangly spiky indie pop which reminds me a bit of a less noisy Cable... ...view item »

Popular Workshop
Stutter & Dance

One of my favourite indie things of the week is the POPULAR WORKSHOP single on the Fake Product label. The bottom line on this one is that's it's a just a fuckin' great tune. There's a bit of a Twisted Charm thing going on with the vocals but it's really jerky and at times it's quite Chicago maths rock with hints of ...view item »

Wombats, Popular Workshop, Mighty Six Ninety, Vari
The Best KIDS Christmas Album...

On a more poppy tip is the KIDS xmas comp we touched on last week The Best Kids Christmas Album In The World Ever is a cheapo CD where the labl are donating their profits to charity. That means to get it into profit you need to buy it.... It features such bands like The Wombats, Oppenheimer, Mighty Six ...view item »

Popular Workshop, Sequins, Smokers Die Younger, Va
What Will Survive of Us?

here's a cheap 19 track comp CD on Tough Love ft. William, Sequins, Honeytrap, Smokers Die Younger, Souvaris, Korova, Camp Actor, Circus of Death, Dead! Dead! Dead, Flipron & many others. If you just want to sample fresh indie tunes then this is as good a method as any of absorbing the ne...view item »