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Popol Vuh

Affenstunde is hard to describe. Fans of krautrock, and especially those of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, can identify many of the standards tricks of the idiom in Affenstunde, including the 20 minute instrumentals and repetitive synth lines. But whereas Tangerine Dream and Schulze used a more traditional musical structure (including long m...view item »

Popol Vuh
Nosferatu The Vampyre

Nosferatu The Vampyre is a 1970’s Werner Herzog film, which naturally means that it comes with a soundtrack by Popol Vuh. As usual with the workings of Florian Fricke, the results are gorgeous, melodic guitar lines flowing over one another like sunlight: or maybe moonlight, given ...view item »

Popol Vuh
For You And Me

Now 28 years old, For You and Me was the 17th LP from Popol Vuh, the German legends who helped define a sound in the ‘70s and worked closely with the director Werner Herzog...view item »

Popol Vuh
Die Nacht Der Seele - Tantric Songs

Florian Fricke’s avant-garde electronic experimental group Popol Vuh joined moog synthesizers with percussion and instrumentation, as well as scoring many of Werner Herzog’s films. Originally released in 1979 and not seen on vinyl since 1984 Wah Wah have brought this percussive ambie...view item »

Popol Vuh
Sei Still, Wisse ICH BIN

Wah Wah Supersoni Sounds continue their revival of Florian Fricke and Popol Vuh material with their 13th full length LP Sei Still, Wisse ICH BIN. Produced by Karl Schulze (Ash Ra Tempel, Tangerine Dream and label head). A number of these tracks were use...view item »

Florian Fricke
Die Erde Und Ich Sind Eins - I Am One With The Earth

Florian Fricke of Popol Vuh set out to record his first solo record, though the very nature of it required a huge number of performers. Massive layers of vocal chants wash into a spiritual chorus. Not repressed since 1983, Wah Wah have included a book written by Fricke to join the release that was never publishe...view item »

Popol Vuh
Cobra Verde (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Popol Vuh provided the soundtracks to many of Werner Herzog’s finest films, including Cobra Verde. In fact, this 1987 film soundtrack was their final collaboration, and what a way to end: epic psychedelic space-world-ambient soundscapes from a kosmische maestro. This has been out-of-print pretty m...view item »

Popol Vuh
Agape-Agape Love-Love

For this release, Popol Vuh mastermind Florian Fricke enlisted a Gregorian-style choir to help realise his visions of sacred wonder, inspired by Rumi, the thirteenth century Persian poet. Agape-Agape Love-Love was released in 1983 and has been tragically out of print since. Now, this re...view item »

Popol Vuh
Spirit Of Peace

Popol Vuh’s Spirit Of Peace was used in part by Werner Herzog as the soundtrack to his The Dark Glow Of The Mountains, where it's gorgeous sense of spiritual yearning fitted the picture well. And yet this rich album has been out of print since its 1985 release! Thankfully One Way Static h...view item »

Popol Vuh

Even though this piece is obviously strongly linked to The Hohelied Solomons (The Song of Solomon), it definitely has a different sound overall from that LP. There is more electric guitar, and drums, more of a rock vibe going on, at least in some songs. Also, Florian is singing on this LP, unlike Song of Solomon which has the lovely voice of Djo...view item »

Popol Vuh

After 40 years, Popol Vuh’s 1972 soundtrack to Werner Herzog’s Aguirre, released originally in 1975, is available to the public again. This release of the hypnotic and engrossing soundtrack to that dystopian and intense film shows how good the music was: uplifting with an underlying sense of dread, but,...view item »

Popol Vuh
Das Hohelied Salomos

Reissued after 40 years, Popol Vuh’s second album is finally available to the public again. Filled with epic (and I do not use this word lightly) guitars and bombastic orchestrations, Das Hohelied Salomos is perhaps one of the pinnacles of 70s progressive rock done well. Put it on and forget about your day job for...view item »

Popol Vuh
Hosianna Mantra

'Hosianna Mantra' represents a point of transition for Popul Vuh, recorded at a time between the darker analogue synth experiments of 'Affenstunde' and the broader almost easy-listening vibes of the mid-70s albums (Einsager & Siebenjager perfect case in point). For reasons best known to them, they produced a u...view item »

Popol Vuh
Letzte Tage, Letzte Nächte

39 years after is original release, Letzte Tage, Letzte Nachte makes its return to its original vinyl medium. Remastered and featuring one bonus track, Popol Vuh’s most rock-oriented recording is back in all its 1970s German progressive rock greatness. Expect vocal harmonies supported by guitars enmeshed...view item »

Popol Vuh
Herz Aus Glass

A piece of music so good they released it twice… Herz Aus Glass is Popol Vuh’s soundtrack to Werner Herzog’s film of the same name, and flows with radiant golden vibrations in true Popol Vuh style. Reissued in either the original German sleeve (this one) or the original French one (...view item »

Popol Vuh
Coeur De Verre

A piece of music so good they released it twice… Coeur De Verre is Popol Vuh’s soundtrack to Werner Herzog’s film of the same name, and flows with radiant golden vibrations in true Popol Vuh style. Reissued in either the original French sleeve (this one) or the original German one (...view item »

Popol Vuh
Nosferatu - Original Soundtrack

Werner Herzog and Popol Vuh had a wonderful and long-running creative relationship, Herzog’s curious cinematic visions matched with Popol Vuh’s exploratory (and consistently beautiful) instrumentals. Nosferatu actually contains two discs, with material that both soundtracked and was inspired...view item »

Popol Vuh

‘Kailash’ is a collection of compositions by Florian Fricke of German seventies krautrock band Popol Vuh, who wrote the soundtracks to several cult classic Werner Herzog films including ‘Aguirre The Wrath Of God’, ‘Nosferatu’ and ‘Fitzcaraldo’. The album includes previously unreleased compilation o...view item »

Popol Vuh
Mika Vainio/ Haswell & Hecker Remixes

Popol Vuh get the remix treatment on Editions Mego courtesy of Mika Vainio and the Haswell & Hecker tag team. I'm unfamiliar with the original of 'Nachts: Schnee' but what I'm hearing I can only imagine are elements of the original, tweaked but not beyond recognition then occasional bursts of sound come from different directions but its all ver...view item »