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Folded Horizon EP

Folded Horizon is a new six track EP from Platform.The collection lays out what Platform can do, which turns out to be most kinds of electronic music. Imagination is evident in the construction of these tracks, most of which, as a bonus, can be danced to! CD on the Minimal Resource Manipulation label....view item »

Teruo + Platform
I Used To Be Scared Of The Sky

Got a couple of things in this week on the MRM label. Here's one of 'em! Not sure if it's limited to 50 or 100 but it's gonna be one of 'em as they don't make too many of these things. 'I Used To Be Scared Of The Sky' is a collaborative effort between Matt Atkins (Platform) and Simon Kobayashi (Teruo). Here the pair have teamed up to give us 4 t...view item »

Four Elements

A touch of complex ambient electronica now with this CD EP from Minimal Resource Manipulation head honcho Matt Atkins. As Platform he works repetitive, sometimes bizarre-sounding synth melodies (giving the impression of forgetful machines stuck in infinite loops), abstract, glitchy percussion that inevitably brings the likes of Autechre to min...view item »

Untitled 3

The talented Matt Atkins AKA Platform returns to the Norman update with a new volume of icy cerebral electronics and experimental techno. It's been christened 'Untitled 3" and from the off you've some fantastic electronic manipulation and tight future-beats to contend with. I find his stuff incredibly meditative, his music has a classic isolat...view item »

Categories of Dust

We've had a few CDs in by Platform over the last year or two. And here's a brand new one called Categories Of Dust. These are normally pretty limited to 50 ish copies so they don't usually hang around for too long. It's predominantly sound art I guess. This is one 21 minute long track constructed of samples recorded from around his house using a a ...view item »

Paul May & Platform
Broken Hulk Display

Paul May + Platform arrive in my lugholes next, brandishing a bag of tools, an old drum kit made of plumbing & biscuit tins and possibly an eerie glockenspiel /theramin set up. And an echo machine. They then proceed to take all this dubious musical instrumentation into a pitch black dark shed and quietly stagger around in a meditative fashion, ...view item »

Untitled 2

Here is a Self titled 11 track set from Platform which includes: some highly melodious beat led experimental styled electronic that's jamming up hardrives from here to Tokyo and back. If I'd compare them to anyone it would be the outpourings of labels like Neo Ouija and it's ilk. ...view item »


Its great to have some new material from Matt Atkins' Platform. The first track treats our ears to some proper decent crunchy beats and weeping cinematic synths and then a really sweet melody just melts me into submission. It fits in wonderfully with the mechanical beats and reminds me of Chiastic Slide period Autechre. The second tune has som...view item »


I seem to recall writing about a CD by Platform a bit ago and thinking it was pretty cool. Well Matthew Atkins makes a welcome return with his 5 track CD 'Distanced'. It's kinda weird, mellow electronics with the emphasis on synth sounds and futuristic ones at that. Lots of tones, hisses, blips and metallic sounds create a sense of rhythm without p...view item »

Untitled 1

We have a CDr limited to 100 copies on Minimal Resource Manipulation. It's by PLATFORM who is one Matthew Atkins. This is an accomplished work of mostly downtempo electronics. The production has a real crispness to it. The percussion / rhythms are minimal and have an ice cold synthetic techno machine feel but are warmed ...view item »