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Piano Magic

Piano Magic album have declared that this will be their final album. The suitably-titled Closure, released for the band’s twentieth anniversary, is a subtle and carefully considered set of what the band call ‘ghost rock’. It is sad in places, as one might imagine, but it is great to hear a band able to...view item »

Piano Magic
Son De Mar

First time on vinyl for Piano Magic's wonderful, evocative soundtrack for the Bigas Luna film 'Son de Mar' (which translates as 'Sound of the Sea'). Mixing Godspeed like string arrangements with beautiful Max Richter like neo-classical compositions and rustic field recordings, Piano Magic made a soundtrack ...view item »

Piano Magic

Well that incredibly busy chap Glen Johnson returns with a new full length CD under his much beloved Piano Magic guise and surprise, it's an absolute gem from start to finish! I can definitely hear influences from Coil to prime dark wave Depeche Mode in these haunting gothic tinged songs but the sheer depth & richness of the music on 'Ovations'...view item »

Piano Magic
Heart Machinery (A Piano Magic Retrospective, 2001-2008)

Hoorah! finally a decent Piano Magic retrospective to get one’s teeth into. If like me you’ve dipped into PM’s 17 year long career in fits and starts but want to delve deeper then this is just the thing. As an introduction to their interesting but prolific mid period, this is a perfect c...view item »

Piano Magic
Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet

They say great things come to those who wait. Or in musical terms the more you battle on, the more rewarded you will be. Having pretty much cut any musical career I had short years ago in order to spend more time watching football and eating cakes, I really admire bands like Piano Magic ...view item »

Piano Magic
Dark Horses

Piano Magic have an EP out on Make Mine Music. 'Dark Horses' has a vocal somewhere between Jim Morrison and Ian Curtis. In fact when I heard this yesterday I was reminded of Joy Division at several points throughout the album but not in a cheap rip off way but in that you can hear the inspiration but they still have their sound unlike many bands th...view item »

Piano Magic/ Klima

Piano Magic have a new single out on another random Euro-indie label this week. Harumph. Staring at me is a split 7" with Klima on the funky Monopsone records of Le Mans in France. A minimal, floaty effort from t' magic comes as no surprise whatsoever. Not bad, but it all strikes me...view item »

Piano Magic

Those incurable goths Piano Magic have a new CD out on Important Records. 4 tracks of insatiable electro goth pop. Actually the 1st track is quite electro and the rest of it goes more 4AD etheral  and floaty along the lines of This Mortal Coil and Dead Can Dance. Which it accurately says on the fro...view item »

Piano Magic

2016 finally marks the rebirth of Piano Magic’s seminal album Disaffected on vinyl. Moving from strictly post-rock oriented songs, the band changed it directions towards a more poppy sounds. Passing under the UK radar but gathering significant attention in continental Europe, Disaffected was somewhat of a cult hit...view item »

Piano Magic
The Open Cast Heart

Those popular cult faves Piano Magic have new CD, 'Open Cast Heart', for your rabid delectation. It's a more delicate, stark & electronic beast than we've come to expect recently, probably slipping in more with the vibe of Textile Ranch, Glen Benton's black metal side project. When I asked Barry on starting work here wh...view item »

Piano Magic
Writers Without Homes

Zzzzzz…….What?………oh yeah ……sorry about that…nodded off there…… A lot of you out there like Piano Magic and will be delighted to learn that they have a new album out on what is perhaps their spiritual home, 4AD. It has lots of guests ...view item »

Various (Hood, Piano Magic, Wedding Present, Walkmen etc...)
Talitres Is 5

Piano Magic
Part Monster

The modern goths of indie Piano Magic are back with a new CD on Green UFO's. Part Monster is a more gothy breathy rocky affair which sounds like it should be on 4AD. What happened with all of that? They were on 4AD for a wee while. Only had chance to hear a bit of this but it sounds most moody (and mardy).... there's bits of shoegazey rock in there...view item »

Piano Magic
Saint Marie

Piano Magic. There I've gone & done it now. The band that never really need reviewing as their enigmatic appeal ensures we sell out of every release within a few days no mater how many we get in! Well, a new E.P. has landed, adorned with the usual stunning artwork (all their sleeves are great) and guests including members of Low &...view item »

Piano Magic
The Troubled Sleep Of Piano Magic

Usually my ears shut down in despondent resignation when confronted by a new Piano Magic album. Too often containing a couple of  killer with the rest being filler, I'm most delighted to inform you that the new full length 'The Troubled Sleep Of...' is a largely enjoyable achievement. Includes the superb 'Sp...view item »

Piano Magic
Speed The Road, Rush The Lights

Piano Magic have always evaded my affections for some reason (apart from the spellbinding 'I am the sub-librarian') so I'm unable to ever find anything too positive to mutter about them. Perhaps they're too eclectic, gothy, pompous, miserable, boring or just plain rubbish. This 3 track CDs (of exclusiv...view item »