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Live At The Music Hall

Taking inspiration from Bob Dylan’s Hard Rain, Matthew Houck decided for the live Phosphorescent album, rather than churn out a "greatest hits live" collection that he would show the songs in a new light, demonstrating how his songs have an amorphous quality,and how they have been able to develop ...view item »

C’est La Vie

The ‘Song For Zula’ singer (you’ll know it when you hear it) comes back with his first LP in a half-decade. Now that Justin Vernon is fully lost in the Kid A sauce, Matthew Houck’s guise positions him well to assume the mantle as the king of folkish indie. Judging by positive stu...view item »

Song For Zula 

This song has a mellow nature, it's relaxing. It also pops up in the film The Spectacular Now. This is one of the best songs for closing credits of any movie I have ever seen. It might have at least partially been due to this being an excellent, moving film. I can't imagine anyone watching The Spectacular Now and not wanting to own "Song for Zul...view item »


Muchacho took shape, as Matthew Houck went on solitary walks in the woods and swam in the lakes. The rollicking 1970s Country-Rock of "Here's To Taking It Easy" (think Willie Nelson and early Eagles) still permeates much of Muchacho, but the singer/songwriter has added an unorthodox element in the shape of electronic instrumentation. While this ...view item »

Here's To Taking It Easy

Phosphorescent is one of those names that i've never really picked up on in the past. Sure i've seen the records about and i heard the Willie Nelson tribute album 'To Willie' is pretty good but other than that i'm clueless. With 'Here's to taking it easy' (something we know very little about here at El Normo Towers) the group probe similar...view item »

To Willie

Although Willie Nelson did not write all of the songs on this album, these are all tunes that he recorded during his long and fruitful career, thus the tribute angle. An all-Willie album might strike most listeners as an odd idea for a relatively unknown indie recording artist like Phosphorescent, perhaps dooming the project to commercial oblivi...view item »


Probably not for everyone, but if you like alternative country, you will probably like this. A surprising amount of the music takes place in the background with subtle percussion and yelps adding an amazing depth to the sound. When I listen to it, I imagine I'm hiking in the Appalachians and I stumble across a ghost town where I can hear wonderf...view item »

I Am A Full Grown Man

More goodness from Great Pop Supplement! A new 7" by Phosphorescent limited to a paltry 250 copies. The press info sums this up absolutely perfectly. It's a direct blend of Will Oldham and Jeff Mangum ala Neutral Milk Hotel. There's almost no point adding anything else to it cos I'll be wasting my tim...view item »

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