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Peter Broderick
All Together Again

Docile post-folk ambienteer Peter Broderick strings together a decade’s worth of private commissions for this 2LP collection on Erased Tapes. Young Pete has admirers in all corners; there’s even an honest-to-god fashion runway piece. While the tracks comprising All Together Again are unrelated, their instrum...view item »

Peter Broderick
Piano Works Vol.1

Erased Tapes’ Peter Broderick underlines his status as a serious composer by releasing this book of sheet music, containing twenty of his scores. Piano Works Vol. 1 contains solo piano transcriptions of twenty of Broderick’s finest pieces, presented in a beautifully bound book. Plus a bonus ...view item »

Allred & Broderick
Find The ways

Peter Broderick and David Allred’s musical partnership is a beautiful thing: they use only their voices and their chosen string instruments (violin and upright bass), and they record live, without overdubs or edits. The result is intimate friendship music, simply made but very deep. Find The Ways ...view item »

Peter Broderick

Sometimes a musician just needs the right space to record in for the magic to flow. Often those spaces are churches, as with the Grunewald EP, which was recorded in the church of the same name in Berlin. A Bösendorfer piano and a gorgeous natural reverb enabled Peter Broderick to create these beautiful solo pieces....view item »

Peter Broderick

Slightly worrying to see Peter Broderick described as a veteran but here he is 10 years into an idiosyncratic recording career. This latest missive deals with the certainty of chance, Broderick has been influenced by John Cage in terms of letting a song take its own course and letting things happen of their own ...view item »

Nils Frahm, Peter Broderick, Machinefabriek, Various

And relax... Time for something a wee bit more soothing. Stick your feet up, shut your computer down, trousers off and light that cigar... it's maxi chill time courtesy of a load of revered fellas and some pianos. This rather smart vinyl comp called 'Key's on Spanish label 'American Typewriter' is well nice! It features exclusive tracks by (wait...view item »

Peter Broderick
Colours Of The Night

More stark yet beautiful alt. folk from Peter Broderick. Colours Of The Night is his first album for Bella Union in three years. Although it still sounds very much like Broderick’s body of solo work, it was conceived via a less familiar route. It was recorded in Switzerland with a group of swiss musicians and...view item »

Peter Broderick
Colours of the Night (Satellite)

Singer-songwriter and classical-based instrumentalist Peter Broderick switches things up on 'Colours of the Night (Satellite)', making an EP based around songs proper, fashioned around his own vocals -- hushed or whispered -- as well as dimmed synth, understated percussion and clean, melancholic guitars. The EP hints at the direct...view item »

Peter Broderick
These Walls Of Mine

Ah, Peter Broderick. Instead of actually getting on with a proper album that might elevate him to the stratospheric class of the neoclassical-tinged folk musician he continues his idiosyncratic path of releasing vaguely ‘concept&...view item »

Peter Broderick
Float 2013

Minimalist composer Peter Broderick originally released 'Float', his debut record, in 2008. A showcase for his versatile talents and penchant for traditionalism, 'Float' depicted Broderick mixing together folk, neo-classical and pop disciplines as if it were the norm. The record is now getting a second release as 'Float 2013', a version tha...view item »

Peter Broderick
Ten Duets

Contemporary classical artist Peter Broderick, also often seen with a random bird on his shoulder for sidekick credibility, originally released the meek and understated Ten Duets on tape, way back in 2009. Now it sees the light of day again on this sweet little 12". Each song is based around two instrumen...view item »

Peter Broderick
Float 2013 Addendum

Some people would file this under pointless; it's a nice idea if you can either improve on the original or add something completely different. Does Peter succeed? He does and he doesn't; More so on the A side which features the lovely playing of one Amanda Lawrence on the viola and Peter's John Lee Hooker stomps. The B side doesn't really add an...view item »

Peter Broderick, Machinefabriek, Back To The Sea and Wouter van Veldhoven
Brian Records Cassette Store Day Release

Peter Broderick

Fans of the recent Oliveray LP from brothers in minimal Peter Broderick and Nils Frahm have reason to celebrate today, as the Brodster drops his second vocal-led solo album, with a little help from his friends. Unsurprisingly, the Frahmotron makes his presence known on this Brod-centric ...view item »

Peter Broderick
Old Time / Solace In Gala

You would have to say that Peter Broderick would be an extreme one off if Arthur Russell had not already existed. He even looks like Arthur Russell. On this two track 7” (with 14 song download) he uses the Russell blueprint of guitar, cello and vocals to create beautifully gentle lullab...view item »

Peter Broderick
Music For Confluence

Broderick is back with a brand new album on the Erased Tapes label. If you're interested he's relocated from Denmark to Berlin. I don't know about you but I find it important to know where my popstars are living. 'Music For Confluence' is a soundtrack to a film about murdered women from I...view item »

Peter Broderick
Music For Contemporary Dance

Now, this guy got my goat with one of his releases. So much so, I refused to have anything to do with him for a while (if you must know it was the title of that CD he did dedicated to his own "sleeping statue") I thought "You self-important prick" I'm not afraid to admit, though, that this double 10" set is quite beautiful. This is a neo-classic...view item »

Peter Broderick & Eluvium
I Am Darkness, I Am Light

This works much like records by the Caretaker do; the sound of old classical-based music obscured by the crackling, rapidly decaying grooves of a 5" lathe cut record. It's kind of perverse, you can clearly hear some beautiful, tender piano-based music playing but it sounds, ghostly and removed; frozen in time if you may and contaminated by t...view item »

Peter Broderick/ Takumi Uesaka

I'm never going out on a Thursday again! Wah my heeeed! Coming round this morning to the easy tones of Takumi Uesaka. He does a mellow cyclic wistful folk thing, chock full of longing & hope. I'm quite taken by his easy-going balladeering, it's full of tenderness & feeling with bags of atmosphere! He sets his stall out neatly for his thr...view item »

Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek
Mort Aux Vaches

How have here in my sweaty, deranged paw, a "collab" betwixt that sound-tinkering Dutchman & the classically-inclined Swede. It's in three parts, involves a great deal of restrained guitar feedback, reverb, static, crackle, vast acoustic space, moody violin & one of the guests, Nils Frahm, hitting his piano. With his lady fingers. On the...view item »

Rauelsson w/ Peter Broderick

This collaboration is the result of more than half a year of Raúl Pastor Medall and Peter Broderick swapping files electronically and was later finalized in the physical world. Raúl sings in Spanish so I'm afraid the vocal themes are a mystery...view item »

Peter Broderick
How They Are

Ole Peter is back. It's been a while since his last release. In fact we've just been discussing that it seems like it was more of a recent thing but it's actually his first commercially available release this year. Oh, and it's not even a proper album... It's a stopgap 7 track mini-album jobber which was written while he was on sabbatical with a...view item »

Peter Broderick

this is brilliant. different to his last one, only with guitar and voice. short, sweet and melancholic. i love it. there will be a vinyl version on type as well. ...view item »

Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek
Blank Grey Canvas Sky

Now then, now then. Another exciting collaboration is in our midst. I'm holding a CD on Fang Bomb that comes in a lovely new designer digipak and the artists are Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek so if that doesn't juice your sack of oranges right up, you're nothing but a grumply ol' husk y' hear? As you can imagine, from the off, Peter's minimalist...view item »

Peter Broderick
Music For Falling From Trees

Peter Broderick is considered by many to be one of the great musical composers of the noughties. He has established himself as a live performer playing with Copenhagen's Efterklang and has begun the process of releasing solo records, primarily instrumental piano based compositions. 'Music for Falling from Trees' ...view item »

Peter Broderick
Music for a Sleeping Sculpture of Peter Broderick

The Brodericks have been well prolific this year. It seems not a week passes without something new popping up from nowhere with the name Peter or Heather on. Here's a new thing by Peter (Broderick) on the ever useful Slaapwel label. Readers with memories may remember the idea behind this label is or artists to make music to fall asleep to. It's...view item »

Peter Broderick, Machinefabriek, Various
Brian Records 0000001

That funny old lathe cut/CD set to promote the Brian music club sold out in an afternoon. But fear not, lathe cuts turn to putty & badger saliva but the full length compilation CD HAS been repressed (edn of 200 this time) in a miniature replica of the original package & this time we actually have some to sell! This features an exclusive ...view item »

Peter Broderick
Three Film Score Intakes’

Released on 3” CD, the three tracks on display here combine piano, strings and field recordings. A signature of the Broderick classical sound is his ability to take a minimalist approach to composing and through his blending of pre-recorded sounds or looping his own instruments he adds significant complexity to his music. So, for example, ...view item »

Peter Broderick

Docile is a sweet and simple collection of solo piano pieces, charmingly minimal and melodic. Peter Broderick apparently recorded the whole set in one evening, and the immediacy and clarity of the moment has carried through into the recordings. First released in 2008, Docile is now reissued by Hush Records....view item »

Peter Broderick
4 Track Songs

Peter Broderick is a chap I've dabbled in here and there. At times I've failed to see the fuss and other times I think it's justified. In other words I walk along a shaky bridge called Peter. So here's his new 2LP on Type simply called 4 Track Songs (CD to follow in a few weeks). If the title doesn't immediately give it away then these are 4 track ...view item »

Peter Broderick
Five Film Score Outtakes

It was only last week that I reviewed a Peter Broderick soundtrack (for modern dance performance piece 'Music For Falling From Trees') and now he's at it again with a handful of leftover compositions entitled 'Five Film Score Outtakes'. After writing and recording too much material to accompany a short film by Matt Clark, Broderick was left with a ...view item »

Peter Broderick
Roscoe/ Games Again (alt version)

Time for a new 7" on Bella Union then, this one features two Peter Broderick tracks that emit a whiff of sepia-coloured melancholy. 'Games Again' kicks things off, according to the press release this is an alternate version of a previous tune but having not heard that I'm unable to compare it to this new one. I'm starting to think my mum might...view item »

Peter Broderick
Retreat/ Release

Peter Broderick has a sweet 7" out on Type. 'Repeat / Release' i's piano with field recordings that reminds me a little of Harold Budd. Very emotional stuff. There's some heart wrenching strings too. Moving music that's almost cinematic....view item »