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Pete & The Pirates
One Thousand Pictures

Heard these lot on t'wireless the other day and it makes a bloody good change from your usual Elbow style histrionics that seem to pervade the airwaves with alarming regularity these days or your Radio 2 r&b or indie landfill and nothing in between ethos. They peddle a superior brand of indie which relies on...view item »

Pete & The Pirates
Little Death

Pete & The Pirates are all over the radio at the moment and you guys have been lapping up their stuff for a bit now. It's good that they've become successful with Stolen Records behind them retaining a grass roots indie ethos. Their debut album is 13 tracks of their distinctive guitar pop sound. If you're only familiar with this band through th...view item »

Pete & The Pirates
She Doesn't Belong To Me/ Knife

The Pete & The Pirates new 7" is in. It's just arrived about an hour ago in fact. It's that hot off the press. It's called 'She Doesn't Belong To Me' and it's in a nice picture sleeve all numbered of 1000 copies. I kind of like this band.... in fact I'm pretty much the only one here who does though I think Brian likes the odd tune. This is...view item »

Pete & The Pirates
Mr Understanding

Pete and The Pirates now on Stolen with a 7"/CDs called 'Mr. Understanding'. This is freewheeling guitar pop that's ridiculously catchy but in my mind playing it fairly safe. I can imagine them nodding like David Gray or early Beatles during the chorus. Loads of ad-libbing in the backing vocals, a tune designed for the radio. Seriously well st...view item »

Pete & The Pirates
Come On Feet

Pete and The Pirates have a cracking 7" out this week called Come On Feet. I've not really heard much by these folks before so I had no idea what to expect. It's a great little single... Very wistful and tuneful and kind of rousing. There's a bit of 60's pop in there played with a slight off kilter New Zealand twang. Nice raucous guitars which...view item »

Pete & The Pirates
Get Even

Wait all my life for good band names and then none come along all at once. My girlfriend is a self confessed pirate you know. She has a cutlass, a parrot & says "arrrr" lots. And sails a big battered ship with a huge, flapping jolly roger. Wonder what she'd make of Pete & the Pirates? She's probably have 'em walk the ...view item »