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Autechre Vinyl, CD & tapes from this artist at Norman Records

EPs 1991 - 2002

I forget these Mancunian rhythm benders started off with a thumping hardcore tune under their belt - 'Cavity Job', here presented in digital for the first time! - In much the way some of Aphex's early career was built on shredding people's synapses with bursts of industrial strength techno, this is a sweaty banger but more inclined toward a pre-...view item »


Rob and Sean are back with this little EP/mini album ‘L-Event’, a direct follow up to their hugely successful album ‘Exai’ with the cover artwork being of similar style. Four tracks in just over 26 minutes of Autechre’s usual brand of juddering, urgent electronica, it seems that after ...view item »


Wooo! Reissue of Autechre’s first full length album on Warp. Backed with a digital download code and a bonus live set. Probably one of the most “straight up” forms of these guys, but it’s still so very mad, pushes techno right out the window. Can’t imagine these will gather much dust. If you lot don...view item »


Whoa there big boy, these lads just flipped ya. Flipped ya for real. And by the time this album's over they'll have flipped ya again. It fades in from complete silence and for the majority of the first half of the LP it's a thing of wondrous and surprisingly immediate beauty, with gorgeously icy synth washes laid over beats that are as straightforw...view item »


Warp's Autechre re-issue series continues with this their first proper full length album (the earlier Incunabula was in fact a compilation of demos). This one contains some of their most ambient moments as well as forging forward the cut and paste beats and deep acid and techno hinted at on Incunabula. Ess...view item »

Tri Repetae

Tri Repetae is the third album by legendary British electronic duo Autechre.  The album is considered one of the best and most influential electronic albums of the '90s and first showcases the way in which the duo combined totally different elements of dance music such as jungle and industrial and blended them into...view item »