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Back when he was in Pavement, Stephen Malkmus was slacker pop’s poet laureate. Mumbling pretty much whatever he pleased over a variety of shambolic indie rock tunes, he came off droll, sarcastic, earnest, direct and unfathomable, all at once. more »

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Slanted & Enchanted

This was the Pavement I liked. A sloppy sprawling lo-fi charm fest taking heavy influence from the Velvet Underground and the Fall but stumbling blinking in the sun with classic melodies glinting through the fuzzy production and madcap drumming. On top of that add Malkmus wordplay and you get an...view item »

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
Sparkle Hard

Here's renowned Pavementeer Stephen Malkmus with more indie rock verbosity. Sparkle Hard is his latest record as bandleader of the Jicks, and with its aggressively cheerful title, it's no surprise that he's found some peace writing from a place of joy. I'm sure there's some signature sad sighs in the...view item »

Terror Twilight

I wasn’t as filled with glee as I usually would be when I first heard Pavement’s final album “Terror Twilight”. There are some brilliant songs on here; I just feel that Nigel Godrich’s production took the Pavement out of Pavement, made them operate in a more confined space and reined t...view item »

Spiral Stairs
Doris and The Daggers

Whilst is been a whopping eight years since Scott Kannberg, aka Spiral Stairs, last released any music, spanking new album Doris and The Daggers proves the now-LA-based pioneer still has that magic touch. Spearhead single Dance (Cry Wolf) is candid and bare, with a hint of head-...view item »

The Secret History Volume 1

Pavement were arguably the greatest American band of the ‘90s. The Secret History Vol. 1 compiles 30 tracks from the band’s early days, 25 of which have never been available on vinyl before. There are b-sides, Peel Sessions and a live concert from the time when Slanted & Enchanted was their...view item »

Brighten The Corners

Fuck me, I don't know where they're digging up all the bonus tracks for these Pavement reissues but there are at least a thousand on the one for Brighten the Corners so it's obviously an abundantly generous source. There's a whole other career in there. I'll limit this to a quickie since it should be common knowledge that Pavement are about the...view item »

Quarantine The Past: The Best Of Pavement

Oh joyous day... Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before Pavement reformed to show the world who is best... That's right, best I said. Back in the 90's Pavement we're the band for me. I liked Nirvana, Mudhoney, Sonic Youth etc. but it was Pavement that spoke loudest. When pre-ordering Pavement records at my local record store the owner wo...view item »

Wowee Zowee- Sordid Sentinels Edition

Pavement sound different here – more grown up perhaps, despite coming only a year after the brilliant “Crooked Rain Crooked Rain”. The album opens with the beautiful/odd/brilliant “We Dance”, an acoustic ballad that falls from the speakers like snow. The twisted, off-kilter craziness r...view item »

Westing By Musket & Sextant

Westing (By Musket and Sextant) is a compilation of early singles – pre-Slanted and Enchanted era Pavement. In the main, the songs don’t sound much like what came after but you can see that the Pavement of Slanted & Enchanted is a progression from this. It’s apparent that they’re still trying to find their sound here ...view item »

Crooked Rain Crooked Rain

Really, if you don't own this, then you have no credibility as a music lover. This is what happens when parents give their kids too many e-numbers in their diet, and then send them off to college. No denying it, Malkmus is better than you, in every possible way... don't even bother trying to rebute it. Crooked Rain is the answer to all your life...view item »

Wowee Zowee

If there could ever be anything close to a modern day White Album, this is it. My first introduction to Pavement was "Rattled by the Rush", track 2 off this album; I was taken with its quiet chaos and looked up other songs by the band. While maybe not topping any "Best of the 90s" lists, Wowee Zowee gives its listener the clearest representation...view item »

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