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Pauline Oliveros
Electronic Works 1965+1966

Early electronic expansions from American Pauline Oliveros. Electronic Works 1965+1966 are a series of analogue gems from Pauline's recorded out put. She built a lot of her own equipment and constructed numerous pieces through improvisation. Also, she experimented with a multitude of analogue effects an...view item »

Pauline Oliveros and Ione
Water Above Sky Below Now

Pauline Oliveros and the artistic director of her Deep Listening Institute, Ione, get together for a new LP on the Morphine label. Water Above Sky Below Now was produced using Oliveros’ very own Expanded Instrument System, which processes her accordion and Ione&rs...view item »

Pauline Oliveros / Zeena Parkins
Presenca Series 001

Archive release from avant-garde harpist / composer Zeena Parkins and legendary deep listener Pauline Oliveros. Presenca Series 001 is the result of the formerly-defunct Lucky Kitchen label delving into the vaults of the Serralves Foundation, digging up a side’s worth of sound art for each artist....view item »

Pauline Oliveros + Musiques Nouvelles
Four Meditations / Sound Geometrics

Major new work from experimental legend Pauline Oliveros, here working with orchestral ensemble Musiques Nouvelles. Four Meditations and Sound Geometrics are pieces that involve recording and relocation of the orchestras’ sounds while they perform, using Oliveros’ &...view item »

Pauline Oliveros
To Valerie Solanas

A release from the vaults of legendary practitioner of deep listening Pauline Oliveros. To Valerie Solanas is an orchestral piece that is only now being made commercially available (thanks to Roaratorio). The LP contains both the 1970 premiere and a 1977 recording featuring a 43-piece orchestra. This piece is far too st...view item »

Pauline Oliveros
The Wanderer

This CD is one of a handful of collected recordings from postwar sonic pioneer Pauline Oliveros. Composed in 1982, The Wanderer is a large suite of music exploring extreme use of the accordion, including reed resonance drones and stabbing rhythmic drive. Here you can hear the world premiere of the piece, performed on the 27 January 1983 at Marym...view item »

Pauline Oliveros
Accordion & Voice

One of the Important Records release series celebrating the work of San Francisco Tape Music Centre alumni Pauline Oliveros. Channeling the essence of mountains and clouds into her meditations using a custom-build electronic improvisation instrument, Oliveros uses the sounds of the accordion and human voice to carefully craft some tonal mir...view item »

Pauline Oliveros
Reverberations: Tape & Electronic Music 1961-1970

Here we have a 12 (twelve) CD box set of early, unreleased tracks from Pauline Oliveros to celebrate her 80th birthday. It runs in chronological order beginning with her first ever recording back in 1961 and therefore functions as a document of the progression of early electronic music.  Most of the pieces here have never been re...view item »

Pauline Oliveros/ Jesse Stewart
The Dunrobin Session

Less droney than I’m used to with Pauline Oliveros: instead, the tracks on this release with Jesse Stewart sound like improvisations, Oliveros on accordion and Stewart on drums (or possibly only one drum). Quite nice to hear such a rare instrumental pairing, and the duo go...view item »

Chris Brown & Pauline Oliveros
Music In The Air

This recording has Brown on piano and live computer signal processing using Super Collider. Oliveros plays accordian, conch, percussion and her own expanded instrument system. They recorded live with quadraphonic spatialization of live electronic effects which was controlled by the artists. The final recording has no overdubs or post-processing whi...view item »

Pauline Oliveros/ Francisco Lopez/ Doug Van Nort/ Jonas Braasch
Quartet For The End of Space

From the moment I click play and get into Doug Van Nort's arresting 'Outer' I just really know that this is gonna be something quite special. Doug's piece is a startling transportation into the stars and beyond recalling classic early electronic music and science fiction movie soundtracks. Things start fairly calmly as I can visualize meteors pa...view item »

Pauline Oliveros & Miya Masaoka
Koto Accordion

Pauline Oliveros / Miya Masaoka: 'Accordian Koto' (Deep Listening) Four tracks collected together from a improvisation session this duo of academic musicians completed whilst teaching on an MFA course at Bard College America. Oliveros plays the Accordian while Masaoka plays the ancient Japanese stringed instrument hooked up to software with laser i...view item »

Pauline Oliveros
Primordial/ Lift

Pioneer, innovator, visionary artist Pauline Oliveros turned 80 years old this year (HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pauline!) and to celebrate the achievements of this remarkable lady there have been a number of very exciting releases including an immense ...view item »