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A Pink Sunset For No One

Noveller is filmmaker Sarah Lipstate’s solo musical project, in which she extracts whole oceans of sound from her electric guitar. A Pink Sunset For No One is a broad selection of her sound: Noveller is probably best known as a drone artist, but this album gets involved in territo...view item »

Parts & Labor
Constant Future

Having been a fan of Parts & Labor for years now, seeing them live in small and large venues, I was originally wowed by their powerfully thrown up walls of noise, their anthemic joyfulness of their experimental “noise rock”. But Parts & Labor seem to have raced to bring out album after album and in their last outing...view item »

Parts & Labor

Receivers from Parts & Labor is a consistently surprising effort, combining noise, prog and psychedelic rock, often with 70's heavy metal guitar backdrop, into an experimental mix that for the first half of the album often doesn't even seem like the same band from track to track. They also layer on some electronic flourishes and display a re...view item »

Parts & Labor

Parts a Labor construct hyper-kinetic, reverb soaked, major chord skyscrapers. There is something about Mapmakers, their second release on Jagjaguwar, that feels like they are being broadcast from the top of the Empire State building. Each track is a towering anthem with snowballing momentum. The only reservation I do have is with the vocals. Wh...view item »