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Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Wolf of the Cosmos

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy has always been of particular interest to me - not because of his music - but because of his name. Why exactly does he need to claim to the 'Prince' status? Is he actually a prince? Or is he actually an unnecessary ego? Who knows. Either (or neither) way, Wolf of the Cosmos is available on vinyl LP and CD on Domino. ...view item »

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Nathan Salburg
Untitled (Beargrass Song + 2EP)

Limited edition 7” from Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Nathan Salburg. The first track, ‘Beargrass Song’, features on the soundtrack for Beargrass: The Creek in Our Backyard, a documentary about the history of Beargrass. The other two tracks are duo’s takes on earl...view item »

Palace Brothers
Days In The Wake

Will Oldham has used many names in his recording career. His early work was released under either Palace Music or Place Brothers depending on the band's line-up. Here, the band consists of his brothers Ned and Paul Oldham therefore the album was released under the Palace Brothers name. This is Will Oldham's second album and was released in 1994....view item »

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Best Troubador

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy just does what he likes these days. Gone are the times when a new BPB album would be an 'event' as such and I'm sure he's happy enough involving himself in projects like this which sees him covering songs by the late country legend Merle Haggard. He obviously has immense love for the material, the record is shiningly produc...view item »

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

I feel like i'm not getting enough done nowadays as there seems to be a new Will Oldham related release available every time I leave the house. 'Beware' sees our Bonnie Billy hook up with a bunch of super pro-musician types such as Josh Abrams, Jennifer Hutt, Emmett Kelly and Michael Zerang and a bunch of guests to produce one of his slickest relea...view item »

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Sings Greatest Palace Music

Bonnie Prince Billy 'sings Greatest Palace Music'. So this is Will Oldham cocking up his back catalogue (before someone else does it,  says Phil). Ok maybe its an ironic statement or a little dig  at his precious following but c'mon people he's taking the piss out of you. If I want a Garth Brooks ...view item »

Bonnie Prince Billy / Matt Sweeney

Now to a man who the young Jason Molina was often compared - Mr Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, whose new album is a collaboration with Matt Sweeney (who?)  - it's typical Prince Billy fare. A bit looser maybe, and as the other bloke does all the music it sounds slightly different  - the 'Prince' is in fine (soft) voice th...view item »

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