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Oval Vinyl, CD & tapes from this artist at Norman Records


High quality vintage ambient glitch electronics from Oval circa 1998, reissued as part of Thrill Jockey’s twenty-fifth birthday. Dok is a typically gorgeous suite of shimmering, wavering soundscapes, constructed from sources so deeply processed as to take on an entirely new character. This reissue is the first tim...view item »


New album from the magnificently named Markus Popp - a man with a surname so good that he’s used it for the title of his new LP. It also serves to describe the sounds contained herein. Popp has long since abandoned his more out there minimal glitch’s for a kind of swirling chopped to smithereens pop music which sort of re-...view item »


As it says on the inside of the handsome gatefold packaging I'm holding in my hands, Oval = Markus Popp and he's really changed up quite a lot from the records that made his name back in the 90s. Although strong hints of his glitchy past remain in the arrangements and attitude to melody, these days he's reminding me as much of current labelmates...view item »