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Sleep's Holy Mountain

The reason people buy Sleep’s 60 minute song Dopesmoker on vinyl, is that the only alternative to flipping it halfway through is, in fact, not listening to it on vinyl. Luckily for you, Holy Mountain contains separate songs, allowing the occasional silence between the wall of energy and noise. Re...view item »

The Sciences

Weed obsessed stoner rock legends Sleep release their first album since Dopesmoker on 4/20 as a nod to the code-term in cannabis culture and day of celebratory toking. 'The Sciences' feature six tracks of relentless, stoned and heavy psychedelic metal from chess master Al Cisneros also of Om, High on Fire axe wielder Matt Pike and Neur...view item »

The Clarity

New music from stoner-metal overlords Sleep! The Clarity was recorded in 2009, a decade after previous release Dopesmoker and seven years before now. Let no-one accuse Sleep of being in a hurry. The Clarity is a thick and chewy slab of sludge, presented on a single side of vinyl, with ...view item »


I've just been to take the washing out of the tumble dryer and completely forgotten what I was supposed to be doing. All I could think of was the latest masterpiece from Om: 'Pilgrimage'. I'm now playing this CD for the 7th time. It's difficult to recall ever revisiting an album so frequently in such a small amount of time....view item »

Advaitic Songs

Fuck. I love Om! I saw them play live at Supersonic a while back with our Ant and they blew both of our faces right off. They were totally the highlight of the festival and even though we were picking up face scrapings for the rest of the night I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Pilgr...view item »

Emil Amos

Playing in a wide range of bands - OM, Grails, Holy Sons, and Lilacs and Champagne, multi-instrumentalist Emil Amos puts out his first full length as a solo artist. Set out as music written for film, the LP stylistically touches base with each of the projects he...view item »

Chalice Hymnal

The mega Grails return! Whilst this project may have seemed quiet for the last 5 years, the members have been busy writing Chalice Hymnal whilst working with their other projects OM, Watter and Lilacs & Champagne. Chalice Hymnal manages to throw them all to...view item »

Take Refuge In Clean Living

I like Grails in my life and here's some more. For me to like. I tell you what, the first track on here is an absolute belter and I think they know it, the little sheet included in the CD digipak has artwork based around it with nary a mention of the other songs. Actually the artwork in general is a weird mishmash of styles from cheesy stoner-rock ...view item »

Holy Sons
In The Garden

Holy Sons is the recording moniker of Emil Amos. In The Garden is his 13th album released under the name and it’s full of dreamy, melodic alt. guitar tunes. It was produced by John Agnello who deserves legendary status for his work with Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Phosphorescent and Kurt Vile...view item »


It's the band which are only a bass player and a drummer! Live is a live recording of Om during their tour in 2013. Expect all the raw, grungy, doom metal, prog swirling mess you normally get with Om but with maybe a little bit more of a raw, grungy, doom metal, prog swirling, LIVE mess sound. Vinyl is...view item »

Advaitic Dubplate (Ababa Dub/Addis Ababa)

Oh it’s been a right moan-fest here today. I came in to my usual greeting. Namely everyone is either off ill or are here and ill. Everything is busy, everyone is stressed. You have to ask yourself is this the life we should be getting bogged down with? Sometimes I just want to run away to a hill and help build a stone wall. Did the people ...view item »

God Is Good

I think there's been a fair bit of fretting over Om since Chris Hakius left early last year which isn't really surprising considering he was half the band. Emil Amos from Grails has since stepped in and, despite initial reservations over a contrast of styles, seems to have fitted right in if the couple of times I caught them live last year and t...view item »

Conference Live

It's the first time i've had the opportunity to review anything from Om since my contract of employment began here at Norman Towers. Bit of a bummer that it's a live album but as far as live albums go this is a good one. It's not Queen's Live Killers good or Live and Dangerous by the mighty Thin Lizzy good but 'Live Conference' is certainly a decen...view item »

Live At Jerusalem

Om collectors out there will be trampling over each others bodies to pick up the 'Live At Jerusalem' limited numbered LP on Southern Lord. Recorded at Club Uganda in Jerusalem, we can only assume that this particular recording was chosen for release because of the significance of the city, what with a classic Sleep record being called 'Jerusalem'. ...view item »

Current 93 /Om
Inerrant Rays Of Infallible Sun

You know it's weeks like this that make me feel grateful I work here at the towers. I'm sure it's a riot flipping burgers for a living but you wouldn't get to listen to the CURRENT 93 / OM 'Inerrant Rays Of Infallible Sun (Blackship Shrinebuilder)' split EP. This is an essential purchase for fans of either of the bands and was previously released o...view item »

Conference Of The Birds

Om's second full-length album is a wonderfully self-assured work that illustrates how great music can be made using a very basic set-up, in this case one bass guitarist (Al Cisneros) and one drummer (Chris Hakius) playing ambiguously simple yet strong and melodic bass lines with clear and precise drumming throughout. There's just two songs on th...view item »

Variations On A Theme

OM's latest, Advaitic Songs has been getting tons of praise heaped on it, in the last year or so, with the general consensus of people agreeing that the album was a big maturing phase in the band’s sound. If that means their early albums were unsophisticated and nasty then call me a caveman, coz' I like 'em a hell of a lot more. I mean, do...view item »