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Atom™ & Lisokot

Atom™ continues his series of lieder-influenced albums, in which he engages with the tradition of German song in a typically Raster-Noton style. With singer Lisokot on side, Walzerzyklus is a set of waltzing songs designed from the Atom™ palette of crisp and clear electronic...view item »

Atom TM
Future Nights

German wunderkind producer Atom™ here turns in three tracks of dancefloor material, shedding the more romantic-classical aspects of some of his past work in favour of acid-flecked techno. Vocals are present on all tracks, with varying impacts on the lis...view item »

Atom TM
Riding The Void

Four totally different versions of Atom™‘s track Riding The Void here. First up is the original album version (the album being 2013’s HD+), followed by a technotastic reworking by Scuba. The EP is rounded out by Atom™ himself taking a second look, with a...view item »

Atom TM

‘HD+’ is a data DVD collection documenting the visual work of experimental pop musician Atom, aka Uwe Schmidt. As well as tracks from the ‘HD’ album, this video compilation also includes tracks from other Atom releases such as ‘Streuung’ as well as previously external releases such as ‘Praezision’....view item »

Atom TM & Marc Behrens

Here’s a very serious record by a couple of familiar names. Apparently the sounds contained on this epic disc were “Recorded on Earth, 1987-2013”, so that’s over the course of most of my own lifespan to date. I’ve just put it on and am seven minutes into the first track and I’m already feeling a little disorie...view item »

Atom TM
Ground Loop

Reportedly, these two tracks are part of a series that aims to satirise the history of acid house, but it is clear from listening that Atom™‘s Uwe Schmidt is too in love with the genre to wish it any ill will. Floor-fillers on both sides of this 12” record, released by record label arm of New York nightclub ...view item »

Atom TM
Ich Bin Meine Maschine - Remixes

This new Atom TM 12" has three remixes followed by the album version of the song being remixed, so I'm going to start on track 4 and work my way backwards if that's alright with you. The album track is nice, a slowly pulsating bit of Germanic techno with a male voice repeating the Kraftwerk-referencing t...view item »

Atom TM

Atom TM is one of the ultimate marmite artists, he's dabbled in that many genres/sub-genres that there's bound to be a release you won't like at all. Sadly, this release is one of them for me. The single selections from it are great (Ich Bin Meine Machine and Riding The Void) but this album as a whole just doesn't cut it for me, it just grated o...view item »

Atom TM

‘Here it is, the latest offering in musical originality. Imagined, written and performed by one of Germany’s most original and inspired new bands “At...view item »