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Of Montreal
Innocence Reaches

Kaleidoscopic super-band of Montreal have reached their fourteenth album: with that much of an established career, Kevin Barnes is entirely free to lead his merry players down all sorts of fantastic avenues: lots of synth-pop, exploding vocal harmonies, experimental sound collage, dance beats etc. And typically bold lyrics too. Innocence Reaches is a whole lot of album, and a whole lot of fun. CD, double LP or cassette on Polyvinyl.
  • Vinyl Double LP (0644110031716)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • CD (0644110031723)

Of Montreal
Aureate Gloom

‘Aureate Gloom’ is Of Montreal’s thirteenth full-length album and the songwriting and playing on this record are a testament to how together a band can sound when they’ve developed a long term friendship and strong musical intuition for each other.  The result is the perfect balance of caffeinated music with edgy beats and unflinching, deeply personal lyrics.
  • Vinyl LP (0644110029010)

Of Montreal
The Gay Parade

Of Montreal's warm and fuzzy cast of characters expanded beyond its means on 'The Gay Parade', one of indie pop's most colourful and unabashed outings, full of idiosyncratic narratives and squeaky instrumentation that would delight even the coldest cynic. Only Kevin Barnes could have made this record of classic backwards-marching baroque pop.

Of Montreal
Lousy with Sylvianbriar

The somethingth album from the Athens, Ga lot is, despite its title, a generally straightforward affair full of 70's style country rock inflections that may leave fans of their early all-over-the-shop meanderings wondering what has happened. Possibly the point where their penchant for eccentric stagewear was deemed more important than their music but still, delve deem into the latter stages of the record and there's plenty of neat Love like songsmithery and Kinksy melodies to keep interest up. 
  • CD (0644110026828)

Of Montreal
Daughter Of Cloud

  • Vinyl Double LP (0644110024619)
  • CD (0644110024626)
  • Artist(s):
  • Of Montreal
  • Artist(s):
  • Of Montreal

Of Montreal / The Late B.P. Helium
Sebastian Whiskey 16

Of Montreal
False Priest

  • CD (0644110020024)

Of Montreal/ James Husband

  • Artist(s):
  • Of Montreal

Of Montreal
An Eluardian Instance

An Eluardian Instance (aka The Jon Brion EP) is the work of the Grammy-nominated producer Jon Brion, who has worked with artists as varied as Spoon, Kanye West, Elliott Smith and Fiona Apple and scored such films as Magnolia, Synechdoce and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.  On this EP, Brion reinterprets two cuts from Of Montreal's 'Skeletal Lamping'. These aren't just remixes. Brion completely reworks the songs, taking the basic tracks but adding more instrumentation and vocals - including the vocalist from Nickel Creek and noted mandoline-player Chris Thile. 

Of Montreal
Skeletal Lamping

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Of Montreal
Cherry Peel

'Cherry Peel', the first record from the chaotic twee mess that is Of Montreal, was originally released in 1999. With its psych-folk undertones and gleefully experimental take on pop music, it slotted right into Elephant 6's canon, fulfilling their golden rule -- music should explode all over the place. Now it's back on vinyl thanks to Bar-None.
  • Vinyl LP (BRNLP089)